Out of this World: SE Gilchrist


Out of this World: SE Gilchrist

To celebrate Star Wars Day, we asked some of our science fiction authors to tell us what Star Wars means to them. Then, to support science fiction readers everywhere, we dropped the prices on their books…
SE Gilchrist

Never will I forget that pivotal moment the music exploded and “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” crawled across a star-studded screen.

The cinema could have burned to the ground. Rats could have nibbled my toes – who cared? I was no longer on Earth.

I was Princess Leah, I was Han Solo, I was Luke Skywalker – and I battled and over-threw the evil Darth Vader. The special effects, the surround sound, the cute droids were awesome – but for me, it was the characters that claimed my imagination for all time. My dreams were consumed with piloting the Millennium Falcon through an unknown galaxy with Han Solo. The amazing adventures we’d experience were as infinite as space. I’d dance in that funky bar with weird aliens. I’d be a female Luke Skywalker and the Force in me would be bright and strong – no one could beat me with my lightsabre in my hand.

Years and countless day-dreams later, the Star Wars movies inspired me to invent my own space-opera series. And so my first science fiction romance, Legends Beyond the Stars was born.

In my memories, the force in Leah, Han and Luke will burn forever and be as bright as any star.

28931With the survival of her crew at stake, an old enemy waiting in the wings, and a mighty chieftain declaring his love, can Sherise lead her people safely home?

Honouring a pledge made in the blood-soaked dirt of a prison planet, Sherise volunteers to lead the stolen people of Earth safely home. But when a collision plunges her ship off-course and they emerge three hundred years into Earth’s future, they have nine weeks to repair the ship or the path back to their own time will close forever.

On an earth seething with predators and dangerous tribes, Sherise discovers love with the Lycanean chieftain, Maaka. But can she trust him, or is he only after her superior weapons?

With the safety of her passengers and crew paramount, Sherise must choose her alliances with great care. For an old enemy is hidden on the planet, and he wants all her people dead.

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