Passions and politics


Passions and politics

by Kate

As many of our authors and readers head to the polls today to determine the Australian Prime Minister for the next three years, it seems, well, politic, to take the opportunity for a politically themed blog.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a treatise on our political leanings. Instead, we offer up the best in politically themed romance novels – guaranteed to give you a happy ending, regardless of who wins the election today.

Without further ado:

Welcome to TemptationJennifer Crusie. Sophie and her sister roll into Temptation to film an, ahem, erotic film. Mayor Phin Tucker wants to keep things peaceful. Neither are going to get what they want…

TemptingSusan Mallery. Frustrated with her life, Dani goes looking for her biological father, only to find he’s a senator, running for President. His son (and campaign manager) is determined to stop her from derailing the campaign.

First Lady – Susan Elizabeth Phillips. The widowed First Lady escapes her restrictive life and gets a bit wild in a truck stop with an ex-tabloid reporter…

The Dark Queen Trilogy – Susan Carroll. Follow the machinations of Catherine De Medeci as she tries to hang on to the French throne: and the three Breton sisters who are determined to keep her power in check.

Seize the Fire – Laura Kinsale. Olympia is a princess with a problem – her uncle is trying to marry her off in order to secure the throne. She seeks out Drake, a decorated war hero to help save both her and her country.

Vanquished – Hope Tarr. Early suffragette romance about a reformer with an unsmirchable reputation, the politician who wants to see her smirched, and the photographer he hires to do the job.

and finally, we have to give a shout-out to our fellow Aussie publishers Momentum for their fantastically titled, politically themed, erotic romance out now: SA Gordon’s Hung Parliament.

Whoever you vote for, please make sure you vote!

Do you have a favourite political romance? I’m always looking for more – tell me about it in the comments!

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