Quiz: Who's Your Ideal Hero?


Quiz: Who's Your Ideal Hero?

Mandy Magro’s sexy new story The Billionaire Cattle Baron is out soon. To introduce Blake, our titular hero, she prepared the following quiz, to help you determine your ideal book boyfriend…

Answer seven sexy questions to determine your ideal hero…

1 – How do you like to be kissed?

A. Grabbed and pressed against the wall as he claims your lips with his
B. He run his hands through your hair and feather kisses on your lips

2- What gift would you like to get from your love interest?

A. A pair of fluffy handcuffs and some massage oil
B. A bunch of sunflowers

3- How do you like your dates to be planned?

A. Your date calls you and tells you where to be, when, and suggests you wear no underpants
B. Your date rings and asks if you have any preferences and when you’re free

4- For a date you’d like a man that takes you…

A. To a restaurant that does dining in the dark, so you can be a bit naughty
B. To a candlelit restaurant where you can gaze at each other across the table

5- How would you like your man to keep fit?

A. Boxing or some form of martial arts
B. Tennis

6- What man are you physically attracted to?  

A. The rough, dark and mysterious kind
B. The white-collar kind who is sharp, pressed and untouchable

7- How would you like to be asked to get married?  

A. In the throes of breathless passion
B. Traditionally, down on one knee


If you answered mainly A, you’re drawn to the alpha male like a bee to honey, you can’t resist a man that can make you buckle at the knees with a simple, smouldering glance.

If you answered mainly B, you like a sensual hero who wants a true partner, one that likes to win you over with sweet flattery and gentle touches.

Check out Mandy’s alpha-male hero, Blake, in The Billionaire Cattle Baron out September 4. Pre-order links below!

32047 (1)A country boy meets a city girl in this sexy opposites attract story from best-selling author Mandy Magro.

Blake Wellstone is a cowboy through and through, his wealth and status obtained by years of hard work on his cattle stations spread out across Australia. But this farmer isn’t looking for a wife — his first love ended in tragedy, and he will never put his heart on the line again. The land is his love, and he’s happy that way.

Sasha Hepworth has goals and ambitions and she has worked very hard for her success. She’s just forgotten how to enjoy herself. So a weekend fling with a gorgeous cowboy is just what she needs  after all, it can’t go any further. She’d never leave the conveniences and beauty of the city for a dusty outback town.

But a weekend of fine dining and spectacular sights isn’t enough for Blake and Sasha, and the growing feelings that neither can deny make them question everything about their lives. When a city girl meets a country boy, will they find middle ground?

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