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Raise Your Aperol Spritz To These Sexy Italian-set Romances


Raise Your Aperol Spritz To These Sexy Italian-set Romances

The White Lotus season 2 premiered on Binge just a few weeks ago and I am officially obsessed. This time the black comedy series takes us to a lavish hotel in Sicily, on the Mediterranean sea. The show has the same lush landscapes, awful entitled guests, darkly comic mayhem and elaborate costumes as season one, but something about the Italian setting has me hankering for a summer evening sat on a terrace drinking an Aperol Spritz overlooking a sparkling turquoise ocean…

If you’re hankering for an Italian romance we have the perfect books for you!

So grab a glass of Aperol, find a sunny seat, throw on a glitzy floral wrap and get reading.


Only For Show by Charlotte Marigold

Enemies to chocolate lovers.

Sofia Beaumont and Roberto Conti’s relationship is only for show – a twisted fairytale manufactured for the Italian tabloids. But when the reclusive chocolatier unites with her family’s CEO playboy nemesis their sizzling chemistry is blatantly real. To Sofia’s alarm, her faux boyfriend is a seductive wolf in smoking hot sheep’s clothing; in Roberto’s embrace she’s in danger of losing all her senses.

Neither Roberto nor Sofia are prepared for the intense sexual awakening and emotional roller coaster as family loyalty collides with personal desire. Bound by their messy past, love of chocolate and forbidden attraction, the lines between fantasy and reality blur. But as the power of sensory memory unlocks devastating secrets to the past, will their chance at love be forsaken?

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One-Night Fling in Positano by Ann McIntosh

Walk underneath the Mediterranean moonlight as you fall in love with Ann McIntosh’s latest novel!

Can one night of passion…change her whole life?

Nurse Kendra lives a jet-set life. Who needs a home and family when they only let you down? So, when meeting gorgeous Massimo in Positano results in one unforgettable night, Kendra has no regrets — until he turns out to be her new boss! Continuing their fling is risky, but also irresistible. Under the red-hot Mediterranean sun, will Kendra realise it’s not her fling that’s at risk, but her ‘no strings attached’ relationship rule!

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A Shot at Amore by Nora James

Second chance love has never been so alluring … or dangerous.

When Sofia returns to the small town of Sant’Agosto in Central Italy to take care of her sick aunt, she doesn’t expect to find Antonio, her childhood sweetheart, there. He’s back from Rome, has turned into the sexiest man alive – and he carries a gun. That’s because, as Vice-Commander of a special operations group, he fights the Mafia on a daily basis.

Can Antonio be trusted with Sofia’s heart? Or will he disappoint her as he did when they were teens?

For Antonio, the situation is even more fraught: should he push Sofia away to protect her from his dangerous world, or let her love him although it could cost her life?

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Our Little Secret by Rachael Stewart

A little secret sexy fun under the Tuscan sun!

It’s my best mate’s wedding week, and I’m celebrating with late-night skinny dip under the Tuscan moon. Except I’m not alone. This sexy Italian dish is Rafael Perez — my mate’s utterly off-limits older brother. Now it’s too late. This illicit, irresistible fire is already out of control. And what no one else knows is our dangerously hot little secret…

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The Italian’s Runaway Cinderella by Louise Fuller

She’s saved from ruin. And plunged into temptation…

Talitha St. Croix Hamilton’s disappearance from his life has haunted billionaire Dante King. Now he has a chance to put their relationship on fresh footing — by hiring her to curate his new art collection. The catch: Talitha will work from his villa in Siena!

With her family shouldering huge debt, Talitha can’t refuse Dante’s deal. He’s more committed to empire-building than to her. That’s why she left! Yet with their chemistry as hot as ever, she knows if she falls back into Dante’s bed, she’ll want to stay for good…

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Falling for the Sardinian Baron by Rosanna Battigelli

A life-changing assignment…with a brooding billionaire!

Writer Ella Ross’s new assignment — to interview reclusive billionaire Baron Massimo DiLuca! — is a career high and a chance to discover her Sardinian roots. But from the moment she meets the baron, who has shut himself away on his luxurious private island since losing his wife, Ella is drawn to the man behind the mask. She’d hoped to find herself in beautiful Sardinia…what happens if she finds love, too?

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The Rinucci Agenda by Lucy Gordon

Wife and Mother Forever

Evie Wharton is a free spirit – the opposite of millionaire and single dad Justin Dane – but she wants to help his troubled son. Evie soon discovers that Justin’s brooding manner hides a painful past…and begins to fall for him. Can Evie be the one woman to help Justin face his demons? Can she help him find the family he never knew and, most importantly, show him how to love and trust again?

Her Italian Boss’s Agenda

Olympia Lincoln is so relieved when her new assistant shows up, she sets him to work immediately. What she doesn’t realise is that he is none other than Primo Rinucci, her new Italian boss! Primo can’t resist playing along with the harmless deception – this way he can get close to the beautiful Olympia. But Olympia has been betrayed before, so when she discovers the truth will she trust him again?

The Wedding Arrangement

Luke is startled that the tenant of his Rome residenza, Minnie Pepino, is sensational! There is an immediate attraction between them, but Minnie holds back, unable to let go of her past. But the more time Luke spends with Minnie, he sees that beneath her reserved facade there lies a broken heart and painful memories. Luke is determined to be the one man who can make her life whole again…

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A Deal for the Tycoon’s Diamonds by Emmy Grayson

Scandalous front-page news…or a real-life fairy tale?

Aspiring fashion designer Anna Vega’s spent years healing from her former best friend, Antonio Cabrera’s rejection. She’s mortified to literally fall into the billionaire’s arms and spark headlines. Antonio’s solution to refocus the unwanted attention? A ruse of a romance!

After a brush with tragedy, Antonio’s molded himself into the perfect businessman. Anna’s always been a gleaming diamond he’s never felt worthy of. He knows he wants her to stay in his life. First, he’ll have to let her see beyond the impenetrable man he’s become…

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Happy reading!


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