Rapturous Escapades: 7 Ways to find your bliss on a budget


Rapturous Escapades: 7 Ways to find your bliss on a budget

by Jenny Schwartz

In Kiss It Better Jessica’s dad is selling the family business, an organic beauty products company, to Theo. I loved creating this fictional business. But treating yourself kindly and blissing out needn’t mean buying things. So I thought I’d share seven healthy tips to bliss out that will cost you nothing or next to nothing. Can you add to them?

  1. Play the music you love, loudly! This may require headphones so neighbours don’t hate you. Dance. Yep, dance. Even if you’re doing the dishes. Even if you have the rhythm of a wildebeest. Sing, too. Music sets the mood.
  2. So does scent. Aromatherapy advice is for those who know more than me. I think whatever makes you feel good is the scent you should be sniffing. A friend of mine likes the occasional whiff of diesel fumes from passing trucks – I am not kidding! It takes her back to childhood and happy memories. For me, I love honeysuckle, mint and rosemary. Oh and ylang-ylang. Gorgeous.
  3. Go for a walk in the park or by the sea – if you can manage it. Paddling your toes in the water feels great (unless you live in Alaska and it’s winter. There’s a difference between living dangerously and frostbite. Ouch!)
  4. Pat a dog. Toby, my golden retriever, has just volunteered for duty! Pets make you feel lots better. Take the time to interact with one. Have you seen the new cat cafes where you can watch and pet the pampered felines? So cool.
  5. Roll on the grass. Okay, Toby suggested this. But the science (pseudo-science) of it is called “earthing”. And it does energise and calm you. I suspect it’s something to do with the bacteria. No, I’m not crazy. There are bacteria in dirt that make you happy.  If you’re not a roll on the grass kind of person, you could try gardening instead. Growing a few herbs is satisfying, their scents add a delightful note to the yard and you can cook with them!
  6. Wear colours that cheer you up. I’m so over everyone wearing beige or black – although I’m guilty of this, too. I like to wear brightly coloured socks, so I sneak colour in somewhere.
  7. Take the time to eat well. We all know we should, but we get busy, tired and overwhelmed. Yet good food, cooking and sharing it, is one of the fundamental pleasures of life. Maybe make one evening a week the time to stop all the other craziness and concentrate on eating well with friends and family, talking, laughing and tricking someone else into doing the dishes 😉

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