R*BY Finalist Kendall Talbot


R*BY Finalist Kendall Talbot

The RUBY is the only award of its kind in Australia, Romance Writers Australia’s premier award. Winning the Romantic Book of the Year (The RUBY) has been on my bucket list for years. Today I came one step closer. Lost in Kakadu is one of the four finalists in the Romantic Elements category.

I’m crying with excitement and to say I’m speechless is an understatement.

I’m so glad I persisted through all my manuscript rejections. I’m so proud that I ignored the ‘It’s too controversial’ comments. Because if I didn’t, my debut novel would never have reached publication. Escape, my publisher, calls my book meaty, challenging, and risky. Yep, I agree.

Perhaps Lost In Kakadu is exactly what Australian readers want right now. With a survival theme, fabulous Australian setting, mystery, secrets, grit, grief, adventure, and, of course, a happy ending, what more could a reader want?

This isn’t just a wild ride with unconventional characters. I hope it also makes my readers think about how we need to live our lives to the fullest, to be true to ourselves, and accept who we are. Sometimes crashing down to earth is exactly what people need.

If you are truly ready to get lost in a book, maybe you should check out Lost In Kakadu.

Lost in Kakadu was eight years in the making and many many people have touched it in one way or another. It would never be a finalist in such a prestigious award without each and every one of you. This award nomination is for all of us.

Thank you Romance Writers Australia for this wonderful opportunity, thank you Australian readers for believing in my story, and thank you Escape Publishing for believing in me. Congratulations also, to all the very talented authors who are RUBY finalists too.

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