Real life love stories…Robyn Rychards


Real life love stories…Robyn Rychards

From Robyn Rychards

The first time I saw my husband was at a get-together not long after I’d moved to town.  He sat across the room from me with a young boy next to him.   A gorgeous guy with a child…  Married.  I learned later not only that the boy wasn’t his, but that he thought the same about me because of my children.  Fortunately that wasn’t the end of it.  His sister, who was friends with my sister, decided to play matchmaker.  Even in this day and age matchmakers can come in handy.  Her first effort at getting us together was to invite me to join her and a group of friends going to see Phantom of the Opera.  What do you know, her brother (my husband) was there too.  We ended up sitting next to each other at the theatre as well as at dinner afterwards.  I’ll admit it. I arranged it.

As for the second date…  Talk about jumping in at the deep end.  He invited me to a dinner get together at his parent’s house.  The only reason I wasn’t totally freaked out about going to his parent’s when we hardly knew each other was because I was already friends with his sisters.  Now, my husband’s parents come from farming families in Nebraska, but my husband, though he enjoys gardening, wasn’t a farmer.  So imagine my consternation when, having only seen him dressed nicely, I pull up to the house in my BMW 750 to see him dressed in overalls, shooting hoops with some friends.  Seriously?  Overalls? For a date?  Not that I expected anything other than casual and I wasn’t all decked out in a dress or anything, but I was wearing linen pants and a dressy shirt and shoes.  Talk about opposites! My BMW 750 versus his old ’72 Buick Special.

He asked me if I wanted to shoot some hoops with them.  Knowing he was expecting me to say ‘no’ as I was not dressed for playing basketball, I agreed without thinking twice.  And I’m sure the fact I can be ornery and figured he expected me to decline the invite, had nothing to do with it.  Really.  Although I seriously suck at throwing a ball, I did enjoy playing.  Yes, I lost big time.

We had so many friends in common it turned out to be a rather annoying turn of events to learn we hadn’t gotten together a decade earlier.  His cousin’s wife was a friend of mine and both of us had attended several of the same parties and never met.

Things took off from there, on a romantic roller coaster ride with plenty of emotional ups and downs, and several classic, and not so classic, romantic gestures.  I won’t say it was love at first sight, but it was pretty close.  Four months after our evening with the Phantom, we were married.  Do you expect any less from a romance writer?  Sixteen years and two gorgeous girls later, here we are!

8910When Robyn was young she always enjoyed reading, but it wasn’t until her grandmother gave her her first Harlequin Romance that she fell in love with it. At the age of fourteen Robyn didn’t have the funds to feed her romance addiction, so she started writing them. Robyn was raised in Boulder, Colorado, USA and lives in a neighbouring town not far from where Her Man From Shilo takes place. Though four kids have kept her too busy to write for a long time, she is thrilled to be able to dive back into it, now that they are all in school. She hopes you enjoy reading her story as much as she enjoyed writing it.

Her Man From Shilo features a talented choreographer, a determined rancher, a shotgun wedding, a secret marriage, and a threat that may ruin everything.


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