Recognition For Writers Across the Pond


Recognition For Writers Across the Pond

We are so thrilled and delighted to announce the Escape nominees for the Romance Writers of New Zealand’s inaugural Koru Award!

According to the website, The Koru, Māori for loop, is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. It’s also known as a symbol of creation.

RWNZ LogoThe Koru is a reader’s choice award, and will be awarded in four categories, for the first time at this year’s RWNZ conference.

We are so pleased to announce that three Escape Artists have been nominated:

8883From Frances:

The last time I was nominated for an RWNZ Award was when I won the Clendon Award and began my career as a published writer, so win or not I’m looking forward to the experience of sitting with like minded friends while the winners are announced.  Anything shared with friends has an added piquance,  and romance writers are the best.

8902From Julie:

I think the absolute best feeling in the world that a writer can experience is the knowledge that someone likes what we’ve written. (It’s even better than the warm, wonderful feeling we get when we type, The End.)

That someone else enjoys our story and gets tied up with the characters’ emotions is the reward that makes those hours at the keyboard so worthwhile. So I’m very happy and humbled to be a finalist in the Romance Writers of NZ’s Koru Award. Thank you to the judges and organisers, and of course, to Escape Publishing.

18889From Mary:

Finalling in the RWNZ 2014 Koru Award is particularly special as it is the first time RWNZ has run a competition to recognise published NZ romance writers. There are so many amazing NZ romance writers selling all over the world, but we are generally little known or recognised within NZ. The Koru changes that! Being told by your own people that what you are doing is good and being included among such a list of talented writers  – it doesn’t really get much better.


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