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Reese Witherspoon’s Movies – The Rom-Coms, The Movies I Forgot She Was In And The Ones We All Need To Watch Again.


Reese Witherspoon’s Movies – The Rom-Coms, The Movies I Forgot She Was In And The Ones We All Need To Watch Again.

Reese Witherspoon is a powerhouse. She is an acclaimed award-winning actress, she runs her own production company, she sings, and she also started her very own and very popular book club. She has also successfully made the jump to small screen with Big Little Lies and her new series Little Fires Everywhere is due to air any moment. From favourite rom-coms to scary thrillers, Reese knows how to entertain, and with all this isolation I’ve had time to reacquaint myself with some of her movies. I may now also have a slight girl crush. So here is my list.

The Rom-Coms

Legally Blonde


** Forever ICONIC **

It’s been probably more than 15 years since I’ve seen this, but it all came back to me why I liked it so much. Elle Woods and her pink suit, handbag chihuahua and never-give-up attitude was something refreshing back then considering the movies that came out that year included Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Moulin Rouge and I am Sam. While the story is light and quite funny, its message at heart was quite a serious one about stereotypes that still stands up today. While Reese went on to do many more rom-coms, this is the one for me that put her on the map.

This Means War



Until now I had never seen this movie. Enter 2 very dodgy but attractive CIA agents played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy who basically spend the whole movie trying to sabotage each other’s chances with Reese’s character. There is one scene where Chris Pine gets hit with a tranquiliser dart while on a date with Reese, who doesn’t realise a) the two know each other b) they are spies and c) they are literally competing for her affection. Sounds like the recipe for a great movie. Who will she pick? I actually don’t know because I didn’t get to see the end. But I’m sure it all worked out.

The Movies I Forgot She Was In

Cruel Intentions



The ultimate mean girl movie that blurred the lines on so many levels. With its R rating, it basically guaranteed every teenager of that era did everything they could to see it without their parents knowing. With its impossibly hot cast and sexy plot, it was a movie that broke all kinds of boundaries. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair won the MTV award for best kiss that year. In usual Reese style she plays a character not to be underestimated. Watching it now made me realise how it was a catalyst for change in the movie and TV industry on how teens were depicted. Joey and Dawson would have been blushing through this whole movie!!

Walk the Line



Whatever you think of Joaquin Phoenix, you have to grudgingly admit he is the embodiment of Johnny Cash in this movie. I mean I know of Johnny Cash, but until I saw this movie, I had no idea who June Carter Cash was. This is the movie that won Reese her Oscar. The John and June love story is quite a tumultuous and legendary one that spanned nearly 50 years and involved a lot of sex, drugs and country music.

Movies To Stream Right Now




So aptly named. This movie is truly every parent’s worst nightmare. I had such a different perspective on this movie when I was in high school. I see it now for what it should have been then. A horror story. Reese is young and plays to her strength of coming across as quite naïve. There are bad boys and then there is Mark Wahlberg. Describing this movie as unsettling is an understatement.




I will admit, I wanted to punch Reese’s character Tracy in the face on multiple occasions throughout this movie. She is obnoxious and a know-it-all and scarily intense. But, as we know, elections are such a big deal in America and it all starts with the high school ones. It brings out the psycho in everyone and I’m here for the drama that comes with it. I wouldn’t put it past Reese to run for president in the future!!

Most underrated Reese movie




If you haven’t seen this one, do yourself a favour and stream it now. Reese is quite young in this and she only plays a supporting role, but this quirky film is one of my favourites. Shot mostly in black and white, this is one of the few movies that Reese has done that isn’t contemporary. The movie has a very strong message about difference and acceptance and a really endearing way of portraying it.


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