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Rescued By Ruby Stole My Heart


Rescued By Ruby Stole My Heart

Rescued by Ruby is the new Netflix film based on a true story of a state trooper named Daniel who dreams of joining the elite K-9 unit. He has faced many obstacles in training and people’s assumptions of his capabilities, due to his unnamed ADHD. But his drive, ambition, and passion push him forward to accomplish amazing things. Its this belief and determination that leads him to the misunderstood Ruby, a shelter dog who is continuously rejected by each family that adopts her, due to her hyper activity and inability to focus. Sound familiar?

Ruby was hours away from being put down to the despair of Pat, a passionate worker at the kennel, when Daniel unexpectedly appears ready to adopt. When Daniel Meets Ruby it’s like attracts like, two peas in a pod, and any other idiom you can think of. It’s even noticed by Daniel’s pregnant and supportive wife, who says they are the same in temperament.

At first the relationship and training of Ruby is rocky; naughty dog antics abound! But when Daniel believes he has failed his last chance to get into the K-9 unit, his wife uses her education as a teacher to think outside of the box and help find a way to train Ruby to her abilities and not her weaknesses. This aspect of the film shines a light on the schooling system who often punish children with learning difficulties because they don’t fit into the narrow education system that all children are expected to. With patience, love, and specific training tailored to Ruby’s strengths, Daniel is able to turn her into a proper K-9 pup!

Should you watch it?

This film has a few twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting which kept the viewing experience fresh and exciting. It was filled with heart warming scenes, and even got a few tears out of me at the end (happy tears). The acting was authentic and at times it felt like you were watching a real family interact, rather than a movie version of one. Especially the ramblings and cute interruptions of Daniel’s infant son.

The take home messages of this feel-good film are that with unconditional love, patience, and support, anyone can accomplish their goals and dreams.

This is the perfect wholesome viewing for a rainy Sunday afternoon, coupled with a hot cup of tea and a cosy blanket.

And when looking for a pet, always adopt!

You can watch Rescued By Ruby on Netflix.

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By Elena Kaloudis

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