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Romance authors describe the perfect Valentine’s Day date


Romance authors describe the perfect Valentine’s Day date

We asked some of our favourite romance authors (and general romance experts) to describe their idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day date!

Alli Sinclair

A special dinner hubby and I have prepared together, then watching a favourite movie of ours and a nice bottle of wine and a great chat is the perfect evening for us.


Daniel de Lorne

April 25th. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that terrible Miss Congeniality joke.)


My ideal Valentine’s Day date would take place in total seclusion – an island somewhere with so few people around it’s almost deserted – no queues for restaurants, no hassles with parking, no mood-killing background music. Just me and my partner spending the day exploring, swimming, reading and relaxing followed by a sunset dinner and a night under the stars.


Ally Blake

One that lasts a lifetime! Truly. Oh, that we all find someone who believes that being thoughtful and kind, washing the dishes without being asked, giving foot rubs, kisses, and I love yous as often as humanly possible should be a daily occurrence, and not just one day of the year.


Melanie Milburne

A romantic dinner (that I didn’t have to cook!) preferably with candles and champagne and no phones.


Annie Seaton

Going out for a romantic dinner with my gorgeous husband.


Alissa Callen

Spend quality time together. Put down the phone. Turn off  Netflix.

It’s the little things. A hidden note. A cup of tea. A hug.

The element of surprise. A gift. A dinner. A book.

Location. Location. Location. Visit a favourite place. Visit a new place.

Make every day Valentine’s Day.


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