Romance Tropes: the Series!


Romance Tropes: the Series!

They were sworn enemies … and lovers!

They were lovers once, until fate intervened … but could there be a second chance for them?

Secret Baby!!

‘Trope’ used to be a word like ‘hegemony’ and ‘problematic’ that was thrown around by academics while the rest of us were happy to just say ‘plot’ . But thanks partly to certain wildly popular websites, the word has crept into the language of writers and readers, who use it to describe standard plot lines and devices that get recycled in both good and bad ways.

Everyone has their favourite romance trope, from Reformed Hero (sigh) to Secret Baby (!!) to Fish out of Water. For the next few weeks, Escape authors will be posting about their favourite tropes – why they love them, where you can find them, and how they’ve used them in their own writing.

This week we’re kicking off with ‘A Second Chance at Love’, with four different takes on this timeless theme. Enjoy!

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