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Romantasy Recs for Fans of House of the Dragon


Romantasy Recs for Fans of House of the Dragon

Can’t wait for the next House of the Dragon episode to drop on Binge? Love the fantasy vibe but wish it had less politics and dark stuff, and more feel-good, happily-ever-after romance? Or love the dynamic between the complex morally grey heroines and want more great female dynamics in fantasy settings? Or to dive into a world with complex magic and stunning world building?

Well, you’re in the right place! Check out our list of romantic fantasy (romantasy) books, perfect for anyone craving a fantasy fix.


Cold Hearted by Leia Stone & Julie Hall

To save my kingdom, someone must die…

Every hundred years, a curse descends on Faerie. For the last two millennia, the Summer Court princess has ended it. She has travelled to the mirror realm, found an Ethereum Lord, and returned with his magical heart.

Now it’s my turn.

I have trained to become the perfect assassin so I can retrieve my prize. But when I step through the portal, I’m immediately taken captive by Zander, a handsome royal guard.

To reach my target, I’m forced to play by his rules. Fail my task and everyone I’ve ever known and loved perishes. But Zander has secrets, and they call into question everything I have been taught my entire life…

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The Last Dragon King by Leia Stone

The Dragon King is looking for a wife…
The news causes a frenzy for the women in my village. The king will be sending out the royal guard to bring women of childbearing age to his castle in Jade City.

There is only one requirement: his wife-to-be must carry enough magic to produce an heir for him.

I know I won’t be chosen: I’m only human with a mere ten percent dragon magic lineage, but for some reason the magic sniffers command me to present myself to the king as a possible wife.

I’m ready to go to Jade City until my mother tells me a terrifying secret. A secret that could get me killed… by the king himself.

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Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins

Lying in a magic–induced coma, the King of Thyrsland is on the brink of death: if his enemies knew, chaos would reign. In fear for his life and his kingdom, his five daughters set out on a perilous journey to try to save him, their only hope an aunt they have yet to meet, a shadowy practitioner of undermagic who lives on the wild northern borders.

No–one can stand before the fierce tattooed soldier and eldest daughter Bluebell, an army commander who is rumoured to be unkillable, but her sisters, the loyal and mystical Ash, beautiful but unhappily married Rose, pious Willow and uncertain Ivy all have their own secrets to keep from her – the kind of secrets that if revealed could bring disaster down upon not only them, but the entire kingdom.

Waiting in the wings is stepbrother Wylm whose dealings with Bluebell’s greatest enemy, Hakon the Raven King, would end Bluebell’s dreams of revenge on his mother and propel his own desperate grasp for power.

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A Fire In The Sky by Sophia Jordan

Dragons are extinct. Witches are outcast. Magic is dying. But human lust for power is immortal.
Dragon fire no longer blisters the skies over Penterra, but inside the lavish palace, life is still perilous – especially for Tamsyn. Raised in the glittering court alongside the princesses, it’s her duty to be punished for their misdeeds. Treated as part of the royal family but also as the lowliest servant, Tamsyn fits nowhere. So when she is tasked with the ultimate sacrifice of pretending to be one of the true royal princesses and marry Fell, the Beast of the Borderlands, son to the great dragon slayer, Tamsyn accepts her fate even if it means tricking the deadly warrior.

The wedding night begins with unexpected passion, but ends in near violence when her trickery is exposed. Rather than start a war, Fell accepts Tamsyn as his bride … but Tamsyn isn’t what she seems. She harbours dark secrets, secrets buried so deep even she doesn’t know they exist.

For Tamsyn is more than the false wife of a man who now sees her as his enemy. And when those secrets emerge, they will ignite a flame bright enough to burn the entire kingdom to the bone.

Magic is not dead … it is only sleeping. And it will take one ordinary girl with an extraordinary destiny to awaken it.

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Lady of Darkness by Melissa K. Roenich

Shadows always return to the darkness

Owned by a ruthless Assassin Lord, Scarlett Monrhoe and her two sisters have been trained since they were children to torture and take life. They are the most feared trio on the continent, but they are also wild and unpredictable. A tragic night has Scarlett finding herself locked away in a noble’s household, trapped and forgotten, until she’s ready to fall into line.

Until the day she is presented with a job. If she completes the assignment, her payment will be something she has coveted for ten years. Revenge against the Fae Fire Prince who brutally killed her mother ten years ago. Is she willing to sacrifice her ideals for retribution?

But when children begin disappearing from her home, all her plans are put on hold as she races to save the most innocent. With the help of old friends, a jilted lover, and a mysterious newcomer who claims the magic of the Fae is possible in the mortal lands, Scarlett delves into the darkest corners of the world. Forgotten secrets will come to light, and she will discover the darkness extends far beyond her own kingdom.

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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Choose: a quick death…or slow poison…

Locked deep in the palace dungeon for killing her abuser, Yelena knows she’ll never be free again. The laws in Ixia are strict, and murderers must be executed, no matter the reason. But just as she’s resigned herself to her fate, she’s offered an extraordinary reprieve.

As the food taster, Yelena will eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace — and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia. To make matters worse, the chief of security deliberately feeds her Butterfly’s Dust, and only by appearing for her daily antidote will she delay an agonising death from the poison.

As Yelena tries to escape her new dilemma, disasters continue to mount. Rebels plot to seize Ixia and Yelena develops magical powers she can’t control. Her life is threatened again, and in order to survive, she must unravel the secrets behind the past she’s been running from.

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Bone Weaver by Aden Polydoros

Magic, monsters, and much political upheaval abound in this dark fantasy about a girl whose unique power has the potential to help save her friends — and an empire.

The Kosa empire roils in tension, on the verge of being torn apart by a proletarian revolution between magic-endowed elites and the superstitious lower class, but seventeen-year-old Toma lives blissfully disconnected from the conflict in the empire with her adoptive family of benevolent undead.

When she meets Vanya — a charming commoner branded as a witch by his own neighbours — and the dethroned Tsar Mikhail himself, the unlikely trio bonds over trying to restore Mikhail’s magic and protect the empire from the revolutionary leader, Koschei, whose forces have stolen the castle. Vanya has his magic and Mikhail has his title, but if Toma can’t dig deep and find her power in time, all of their lives will be at Koschei’s mercy.

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Lord Of The Fading Lands by C. L. Wilson

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author C. L. Wilson’s hugely popular, epic romantasy series about a beautiful girl who would be queen, the Fey King, and their eternal battle for true love in the mystical Fading Lands.

Once he drove back the darkness. Once he loved with such passion his name was legend.

Once, driven wild with grief over the murder of his beloved, the majestic Fey King Rain Tairen Soul had laid waste to the world before vanishing into the Fading Lands. Now, a thousand years later, a new threat draws him back into the world—and a new love reawakens the heart he thought long-dead.

Ellysetta, a woodcarver’s daughter, calls to Rain in a way no other ever has. Mysterious and magical, her soul beckons him with a compelling, seductive song—and no matter the cost, the wildness in his blood will not be denied. As an ancient, familiar evil regains its strength, causing centuries-old alliances to crumble and threatening doom for Rain and his people, he must claim his true mate to embrace the destiny woven for them both in the mists of time.

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