A Jaywalker Case

by Joseph Teller

A sports car, speeding in the wrong lane, forces a van off the road. Bursting into flames, all nine occupants of the van are killed – eight of them children.

Criminal defence attorney Harrison J. Walker, known simply as Jaywalker, is trying to keep his nose clean while serving a three–year suspension. But when a woman seduces him into representing the driver, a man who also happens to be her husband, things get messy.

Jaywalker tries to stay focused on his goal – limiting the damage to his client by exposing the system's hypocrisy regarding drunk driving. But when he rounds a blind corner in the case, he collides with a truth that could change everything.

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Joseph Teller

Joseph Teller

Joseph Teller was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from the College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan Law School. He returned to New York City, where he spent three years as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (the precursor of the Drug Enforcement Administration), doing undercover work. For the next 35 years, he worked as a...

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