Air Rescue

by Marion Lennox

True love to last a lifetime...

Airborne Emergency - Olivia Gates

Surgeon Cassandra St James can't wait to join the Global Aid Organization's new flying Jet Hospital. Nothing could be more thrilling and challenging...until she encounters mission leader Vidal Santiago.

What is this millionaire plastic surgeon, the man she loves and loathes, doing on a humanitarian mission? Has Cassandra misjudged him? And can the jet-setting surgeon control the unwanted passion that flares between them?

The Downfall Of A Good Girl - Kimberly Lang

Southern debutante Vivienne LaBlanc can't believe bad boy rock star Connor Mansfield is back in town for the annual Saints and Sinners pageant. He has a reputation as wicked as his devilish smile, and Vivi has no intention of becoming one of his latest groupies!

He once crushed her high school heart, so playing the saint to Connor's sinner should be easy. But how can Vivi get those less than angelic thoughts out of her head – especially when Connor's so good at tempting her to be bad?

Second Chance With The CEO - Anna DePalo

Teacher Marisa Danieli needs a headliner for her school fundraiser. Her best bet? Cole Serenghetti, former star hockey player turned CEO of his family's construction empire. Sure, she had a disastrous high school crush on the guy, but business is business...

Until it turns into funny business – and posing as a couple. Only this time, the feelings are red-hot! Is Marisa's fundraiser coup about to backfire, or is this second chance with the CEO the real deal?

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Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox is a country girl, born on an Australian dairy farm. She moved on, because the cows just weren't interested in her stories! Married to a `very special doctor', she has also written under the name Trisha David. She’s now stepped back from her `other’ career teaching statistics. Finally, she’s figured what's important and discovered the joys of baths, romance and chocolate. Preferably all at...

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