by Lilian Darcy

The Midwife's Courage

Delivering babies all day while knowing she would never have one of her own was hard enough for midwife Katherine McConnell. Harder still, on her first date with gorgeous obstetrician Gian Di Luzio she discovered he wanted kids – and so she had to stop the affair before it even got started. Gian admired Kit's courage and selflessness in breaking off their relationship.

But, working side by side with Kit, he realised that he wanted to be with her above all else. Surely that didn't mean he was falling in love…?

The Honourable Midwife

A spark of attraction has just ignited between GP Pete Croft and midwife Emma Burns. Given the chance, their passion would set ablaze. But Pete's ex–wife is ill and his young twin daughters need him most right now. Even if it breaks her heart, Emma must do the honourable thing and stand aside while Pete puts his family first.

But as Pete and Emma tend the Glenfallon community together, the physical temptation between them is torture. And Emma's generosity simply fires Pete's determination to make her his bride...

The Doctor's Unexpected Family

The last thing single mum Caroline Archer was looking for was romance – her ex had put her off men for life! So she was surprised to feel an attraction for her new colleague, Declan McCulloch, who'd come from Ireland to work in their busy department. But Caroline knew that Declan was only staying for a short time – he had a girlfriend in Sydney and was completely off–limits.

But Declan's relationship hadn't worked out and now he was free to get to know Caroline guilt–free. It was a friendship that quickly developed into a passion. And with that passion Caroline found she held a secret...a secret that could keep Declan in Glenfallon forever.

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Lilian Darcy

Lilian Darcy

Lilian Darcy has now written over eighty books for Harlequin. She has received four nominations for the Romance Writers of America's prestigious Rita Award, as well as a Reviewer's Choice Award from RT Magazine for Best Silhouette Special Edition 2008. Lilian loves to write emotional, life-affirming stories with complex and believable characters. For more about Lilian go to her website at or her blog...

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