Outback Baby Tales

by Melissa James

One Small Miracle
In One Small Miracle Anna and Jared West reunite to look after baby Melanie at their Outback home. As if changing diapers, mushing baby food and sleepless nights weren't enough of a challenge, Anna and Jared must confront what went wrong in their marriage. Could this dimpled, smiling bundle of joy be the one small miracle who can rescue all their hopes and dreams?

Outback Baby Miracle
In Outback Baby Miracle Laila Robbins discovers the heady power of a brooding man, Jake Connors. Jake doesn't want Laila's wealth or her family name, but before he can give her his heart he has to stop running from the dark demons of his past. Is Laila's pregnancy surprise the miracle they both need?

Her Outback Knight
In Her Outback Knight Danni and Jim's journey started as a quest to find the truth, but soon they begin to realize that this journey may really be one of the heart. Melissa James brings you a story about the complexity of love and life, and how finding forgiveness within can set you free.

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Melissa James

Melissa James

Melissa James is a former nurse, waitress, shop assistant and history student at university. Falling into writing through her husband (who thought it would be a good way to keep her out of trouble while the kids were little) Melissa was soon hooked. A native Australian, she now lives in Switzerland which is fabulous inspiration for new stories.

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