Outback Brides

by Jessica Hart

Baby at Bushman's Creek
Gray Henderson doesn't want some city–bred Englishwoman staying on his cattle station – especially with a baby! But he can hardly refuse them shelter when Clare Marshall claims the little girl is his brother's child.

Clare has risked everything to bring her baby niece to the hot, dusty Australian Outback, and now she wants to stay until Gray's brother is found. But working as Gray's housekeeper is perhaps not the best solution...given that she's starting to wish she was his wife!

Wedding at Waverley Creek
Jack Henderson was impossibly handsome, dangerously charming and way out of Ellie Walker's league! Women like her beautiful, outgoing sister were more the type to capture his attention...but now Jack had noticed Ellie!

Jack needed a wife, someone to care for his baby daughter. Ellie was going to have her dream wedding. But would she ever be anything more to Jack than a convenient bride?

A Bride for Barra Creek
Bad boy turned self–made millionaire, Tye Gibson hasn't been in the Outback for nearly twenty years. But now he's come home to find himself a bride! Lizzy Walker is delighted when Tye offers her a job. Working for his company could be just what her career – and her bank account – need. Only the job is not quite what she expects. She has to find Tye a bride within two months – or she might have to marry him herself!

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Jessica Hart had a haphazard early career that took her around the world in a variety of interesting but very lowly jobs, all of which have provided inspiration on which to draw when it comes to the settings and plots of her stories. She eventually stumbled into writing as a way of funding a PhD in medieval history, but was quickly hooked on romance and...

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