Princes of the Outback

by Bronwyn Jameson

The Ruthless Groom – Bronwyn Jameson

Alex Carlisle needed a wife, and he needed her tonight, if not sooner. Enter Zara Lovett – his ex–fiancee's best friend. She strode into Alex's life on killer legs and lit a powder keg in his gut. It was chemistry, the kind of explosive mix Alex made a habit of avoiding – until today. Because the fireworks between them changed nothing. He still needed to satisfy the terms of his father's will.

That was his duty. That was what mattered. And he'd make sure Zara said yes.

Home For The Holidays – Sarah Mayberry

Joe Lawson has a thing for his new neighbour Hannah Napier. As a single dad, he shouldn't be thinking what he is about her. Still, that doesn't stop them from getting close. And the way she connects with his kids, it's as if they're a family.

Turns out it's too good to be true. Seems Hannah has plans that don't include staying in Melbourne. Joe won't stand between her and her dreams, even though letting her go is nearly impossible. The holidays are looking grim, with him and his kids missing Hannah like crazy. But it is the season of surprises, and Hannah may have one for them!

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Bronwyn Jameson

Bronwyn Jameson

In 2001 Bronwyn Jameson became the first Australian to sell to Silhouette Desire. Her books have consistently hit the series bestsellers' lists and finalled in contests. In 2006 she was a triple-RITA finalist and shortlisted as RT Series Storyteller of the Year. Bronwyn lives in the Australian heartland with her farmer husband, 3 sons, 3 dogs, 3 horses and many more sheep. Visit her online...

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