Princes of the Outback

by Bronwyn Jameson

The Rich Stranger – Bronwyn Jameson

On the surface, it was a win–win proposition. What the whim of the roulette wheel, Catriona McConnell would keep her outback home. If she lost, she has to marry the rich stranger stranger she'd rescued mere days before and have his baby – her debt still paid for. So, in a Vegas casino she took this gamble….and lost. And in the harsh light of morning, after a night of Rafe Carlisle making her his wife, Cat realised she'd wagered badly. Because she'd upped the ante impossibly: She wanted Rafe's love.

The Nanny Who Saved Christmas – Michelle Douglas

This Christmas, Nicola McGillroy will:

1. Be a great nanny to Cade Hindmarsh's two adorable little girls, and give them the best Christmas they've had since their mother left.

2. Enter into the Christmas spirit and forget the fact she should have been planning her own wedding right now.

3. Keep a straight head in her attraction to her gorgeous off–limits boss. Surely this is just a rebound thing and not true love – for both of them?

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Bronwyn Jameson

Bronwyn Jameson

In 2001 Bronwyn Jameson became the first Australian to sell to Silhouette Desire. Her books have consistently hit the series bestsellers' lists and finalled in contests. In 2006 she was a triple-RITA finalist and shortlisted as RT Series Storyteller of the Year. Bronwyn lives in the Australian heartland with her farmer husband, 3 sons, 3 dogs, 3 horses and many more sheep. Visit her online...

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