Southern Cross

by Barbara Hannay

Deep in the Outback, nestled in Star Valley, lies Southern Cross Ranch, home to the McKinnon family...

The Cattleman's English Rose

A hot and dusty cattle station is the last place Charity Denham thought she'd end up searching for her missing brother – but she won't leave until she discovers where he is.

Kane McKinnon lives and breathes the Outback. When Charity lands on his doorstep with her cute English accent, she simply blows him away! But Kane's keeping a secret, one that Charity is dangerously close to discovering...

The Blind Date Surprise

The loneliness of the Outback is driving me crazy. The few dates I've had have been spectacularly forgettable, but now I've met a wonderfully warm, funny and clever man over the internet – and I'm in love! I want to dash off to the city to meet him, but all my life I've been accused of being too hasty and impulsive, so I'm seeking guidance. What do you advise?

The Mirrabrook Marriage

Sarah Rossiter has been in love with rugged cattle station owner Reid McKinnon for years. They'd been happy together until Reid suddenly broke things off – leaving Sarah heartbroken.

Reid had discovered something that made him swear never to be a husband or father. But when Sarah decides – reluctantly – to start a new life away from Star Valley, Reid knows he must act fast or risk losing her forever.

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Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay lives in North Queensland where she and her writer husband have raised four children. Barbara loves life in the north where the dangers of cyclones, crocodiles and sea stingers are offset by a relaxed lifestyle, glorious winters, World Heritage rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. Besides writing, Barbara enjoys reading, gardening and planning extensions to accommodate her friends and her extended family.

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