The Kings of Australia

by Emma Darcy

Alex King

Alex King is the eldest grandson of a powerful and respected family. It's his duty to expand the King empire – and he must also choose a bride and father a son!

Gina Terlizzi already has a baby son – she's not looking for a husband! No matter how breathless the chemistry between them, she's simply a guest in Alex's home to attend a wedding...or is she the intended bride?

Tony King

Working for the prestigious King family helps Hannah O'Neill to put her traumatic past further behind her. But upon meeting her new boss, the dynamic Tony King, Hannah is thrown into turmoil by the fiery sexual attraction that flares instantly between them.

Tony is on hot coals, fighting not to mix business with pleasure with his new employee. Yet when Hannah's past catches up with her and the risk of losing this intensely desirable woman stares him in the face, a passionate possessiveness drives him to an impulsive solution: marriage!

Matt King

Matt King is the last unmarried grandson of the King dynasty – and determined to stay that way! When a writer is hired to explore his family's history, Matt is shocked to realise the willowy redhead is a woman from his past...

Nicole Redman is shaken to the core by the sexual energy between herself and Matt – and his belief she's a gold digger! So what has Matt ultimately got in mind when he insists they discuss the terms of her contract – in the bedroom?

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Emma Darcy

Emma Darcy

Initially a French/English teacher, Emma Darcy changed careers to computer programming before the happy demands of marriage and motherhood. Very much a people person, and always interested in relationships, she finds the world of romance fiction a thrilling one and the challenge of creating her own cast of characters very addictive.

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