SF is hot: we’ve got 10 couples that prove it


SF is hot: we’ve got 10 couples that prove it

by Kate

10. Han-and-Leia-carrie-fisher-9117982-450-292Leia and Han, Star Wars

9. mulderMulder and Scully, The X-Files

8.  leekaraStarbuck and Apollo, Battlestar Galactica

7. outlanderJamie and Claire, Outlander

6. sukiss2_zpsee442f67Spock and Uhura, Star Trek

5. orphan blackPaul and Sarah, Orphan Black

4. wall_e_and_eve_wallpaper_hd-t2Wall-E and Eve, Wall-E

3. Buffy_and_spike_out_of_my_mind_stillBuffy and Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Inara6Captain Mal and Inara, Firefly

1. Prof_x_and_magneto_poster_XMFCMagneto and Professor X, X-Men: First Class

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New in the fresh, sexy world of The Seek: he can’t trust anyone, so why should he trust his heart?

The universe is a very dangerous place when there’s a price on your head.

The year is 2098, and a quiet revolution has begun in the space stations of New Earth. The ruling Council has dug in to fight for a new home on Eden 13, but a group of rebels is working from the inside to support the embattled Haitites.

Reetor is twenty years old and a deserter from the elite Avengers. He has joined The Backlash, and become an outcast, hunted by the Enforcers. On the outside, he has learned that his fears about New Earth are well founded.  He has finally found a mission that matters, but he’s living on borrowed time. The Backlash desperately needs friends on the inside and Reetor’s role is to connect with the rebels and get them the help they need.

But something deadly and surprising threatens to disrupt his mission – a lethal bounty hunter with a body made for sin and a heart of pure ice.

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