Strong feisty girls


Strong feisty girls

by Fiona Palmer


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I love them. I’m constantly drawn to this type of female character. I always wanted to be tough, to do what the boys did, to prove myself. That’s why I learned to drive my dad’s trucks, raced speedway, drove tractors, changed tyres, and generally just loved spending time in the shed with the men. Even if sometimes, I was scared. Sometimes those scary things can be so rewarding, life changing, and give you confidence when you thought you had none.

When I was younger, I was drawn to shows like Dark Angel and Alias, where kick ass girls had the staring roles. I’m still no different, loving books and movies like Vampire Academy, Hunger Games and Divergent. I worship these strong, determined ladies…even if at times they don’t think they are. Yet they have courage in spades. And I want to be them. (Maybe the gorgeous guys they end up with is a huge plus too!)

katnissSo it was no surprise that I wrote a YA series with a tough, determined and courageous leading lady. Jasmine (Jaz) believes she’s just your average normal teenage girl but most kids don’t love spending time in a gym, nor do they know how to do karate or fight men twice their size. Jaz is everything I’d love to be. (She also has abs. I would love abs, not this squidgy middle that having two kids has helped create along with my love of chocolate.)

trisI like these girls to have spunk, to be witty like Rose from Vampire Academy. But still they aren’t perfect either…they have flaws, normal human traits, which only makes me adore them more.


Of course, Jaz has to have that obligatory gorgeous guy, so in comes Ryan. He’s older, strong and muscled like a soldier. His dark eyes are mysterious, but intriguing, but Jaz is cautious…he seems dangerous. But there is something about him she can’t shake. He draws her into his secret agent life, recruiting Jaz and changing her life forever. Hopefully I’ve made Jaz just as awesome as my favourites like Rose, Tris, and Katniss.

The Recruit_FinalFrom one of Australia’s Queens of Romance comes the debut in a brand new YA series about secrets, strengths, and what lies beneath the surface.

Jasmine Thomas may not be completely normal, but she’s a pretty typical seventeen-year-old girl. She hates the rich mean kids, loves her best friends, and can’t wait to get out of school each day. Her spare time is spent at The Ring — a boxing gym where she practically grew up — learning karate, boxing and street fighting. So, yeah, Jaz can kick some major butt.

Life seems pretty normal until the day Ryan Fletcher enters her gym…mysterious and hot with heaps of bad boy charm. Sure, she checks him out. Who wouldn’t? But what doesn’t show on his gorgeous abs are secrets and lies that dominate his very grown-up world. Now Jaz has to figure out just how far she is willing to go to know more. Could Ryan really be offering the life-fulfilling life path she’s always dreamed of?


TheMission_Final_smlFrom bestselling author Fiona Palmer comes the second in a young adult / new adult crossover series about sexy spies, a super secret agency and the work they do to save the world.

Recruited into the secretive, shrouded MTG Agency, Jaz dives headfirst into her training, regretting nothing about her decision to help save the world at the age of 17. Now she’s ready and anxious for her first mission — to prove she has what it takes…and to start making a difference.

The only thing that stands in her way is Ryan, the dangerous and sexy agent who first recruited her, and is now guiding her. He doesn’t want Jaz to sink too deeply too quickly into his world of secrets and lies, but his inability to trust her to know her own mind only makes Jaz furious.

When a job comes along that only Jaz can do, Ryan has to let go, and Jaz soon learns that she can swim with sharks, but she’ll come away with scars.

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