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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is here and did someone say recap?


Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is here and did someone say recap?

Last week Netflix dropped the whole ten episodes of Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias and it’s time to review the first episode, which left me with a mixed bag of feelings. Not because I didn’t like it because this is Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue we’re talking about and I love these southern gals, but it was a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least, and some moments packed one helluva punch. If you haven’t watched it yet, be warned…there are spoilers ahead! 

“Casseroles and Casualties”

So, the first episode picks up exactly where they left us hanging last season as we’re at the hospital wondering how Kyle is and just who the hell was in the car with him. We’re still in limbo for a few drawn-out minutes, and I’m getting antsy as I sip on my tea, wishing I had made something else.

Then Annie, Tyler and Jackson turn up and we quickly discover it was sweet little Nellie in the car. Next, Cal and Erik arrive and it’s becoming very crowded in the waiting room, especially when Jackson and Nellie’s parents turn up, and the accusations start flying! Just as things start escalating, the doctor comes out and we learn Nellie’s thankfully okay, minor bruising and all that, and an orthopaedist is seeing Kyle.

Tyler confronts Jackson, saying he’s to blame for everything, and they end up in a shoving match, which does not bode well for Tyler, who’s pushed to the ground and lands awkwardly. Maddie takes her frustrations out on Bill and Bill turns on Jackson before Ronnie, Dana Sue and Helen try to calm everyone down!

We then learn Ty’s arm is fractured and his pitching dreams are now on hold, and everyone’s distress levels hit the stratosphere again. Mainly my own when Cal approaches Maddie, but she pulls away and turns away from him! When Kyle awakes, he’s sorry for everything and we will later learn he has a dislodged knee. Ouch!

What else happened?

Well, this is Serenity and there’s still lots to be addressed from season one, so it’s time to catch up with Isaac who is in the restaurant and baking away, still wondering who his mum is. Last season we learnt it wasn’t Dana Sue, so now the sleuthing begins again, and I start making a list of possible contenders.

Ronnie talks to Dana Sue about Annie and how she feels sort of responsible for the accident with Kyle, and Dana Sue is not liking that one little bit! She also doesn’t like it when Ronnie asks what’s going on with their relationship. When he tells Dana Sue that he’ll respect their boundaries and he wants to help, my heart constricts as I can all but hear the death knell on her relationship with hot farmer Jeremy.

The following day Helen acts deceptively when she runs into Maddie at the hospital, and while I’m wondering what that’s all about, Helen breaks into song and the lady can genuinely sing! When she has a chat with her mum, it’s all so mysterious again, and we just know something is afoot.

Maddie and Bill then have a confrontation and she tells him straight, ‘I’m never taking you back,’ which brings a HUGE grin to my face. I’m still grinning when Cal turns up at Maddie’s later and they kiss and makeup. He brought pizza too, which is a win-win for everyone!

We go back for a quick visit to the hospital, where Nellie pops in to see Kyle and is her usual sweet self, saying she forgives him and doesn’t care what her parents think. She also kisses him on the forehead. Aww, young love is just the best!

With the episode drawing close, it’s time for a ‘pour it out’ session with our Sweet Magnolias, and the cocktails and laughs are aplenty as they discuss everything that has happened. Unfortunately, it’s not all rosy because Dana Sue becomes visibly distressed, explaining that she’s still very much upset over Annie’s involvement with the accident, and when Helen attempts to cajole her, the awkwardness ratchets up a level because she clearly blames Maddie’s boys! Next, Dana Sue ups and leaves and I am just as stunned as Maddie is. Just when I thought the shocks were done and dusted, Helen drops the mic…she’s pregnant!

Note to self: ditch the tea and get something more potent for the next episode!

Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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