#SydneyWives – Exclusive Excerpt: Christa


#SydneyWives – Exclusive Excerpt: Christa

22816Shall we pop it upon the 23rd, in deference to the long weekend?

“You could still come to the cocktail party tomorrow, if you want to. It’s very relaxed.
We want people to have a good time too. Sure, I’ll hit you for some money, but the
experience doesn’t have to be unpleasant.”

Christa couldn’t help a quick glance at the creamy skin of Elizabeth’s neck and
cleavage and smiled to herself at the button that pulled, just a little, between the other
woman’s round, firm breasts. She could see, very faintly, the outline of her nipples. She
shifted her gaze to Elizabeth’s face and thought she saw something glint in her eyes. Some interest that wasn’t just philanthropic.

Well, well. Marc and she hadn’t played with a woman in a while.

But maybe she was wrong. Maybe she just wanted Elizabeth to show some interest in her because Christa’s panties were getting more and more damp at the thought of the
Nordic Goddess in her bed. More to the point, in her and Marc’s bed. With Marc watching.
Her pulse kicked up.

Elizabeth smiled at her. “When you put it like that, I’ll have to come.”

Effie bustled out of the back room with Marc’s suit and what looked like a cocktail dress for Elizabeth. “I thought that was you, Ms Underwood. Here’s your dress. So beautiful.”

Christa saw a midnight blue sparkly dress under the dry cleaner’s plastic.

“Come to the cocktail party and wear that,” she said impulsively, making it sound like
a demand.

Her nipples pebbled at the quick glance and wry smile Elizabeth turned on her.

“I’d love to,” she said.


The two women professed their eternal gratitude to Effie and walked out together in the same direction.

“How are you finding Sydney?” Christa asked. “You’re from the US, aren’t you?”

Elizabeth nodded. “Originally from the mid-west, but the last ten years in Brussels, then New York. I love Sydney. It feels like I’ve come home. All that water. My parched  midwest soul is very happy here.” She pushed back the strand of hair falling across her face, which loosened more strands. It suited her, making her look like a dishevelled Mistress of the Universe.

They both turned down an alleyway at the back of the row of shops. It was deserted
and dark. “Here’s my car,” Elizabeth said, stopping near a silver Mercedes roadster.

“Mine’s further up the laneway,” Christa said. She had to find out if what she was picking up from Elizabeth was real or just a fantasy. A very compelling fantasy. She stepped closer to the other woman and lifted her hand to Elizabeth’s neck.

“That’s a very beautiful pendant,” she said, brushing her fingers against Elizabeth’s
skin to hold the diamond in the palm of her hand.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth said, her voice a little breathless and high. “My ex-husband
gave it to me.”


She nodded, as Christa stood mesmerised by her blue crystalline eyes.

“Two years now. Very amicable.”

“And there’s no current Mr Underwood?”

Elizabeth smiled and tilted her head to one side. “No,” she said, making the word
sound like an invitation.

Christa released the pendant and let her fingers slide down the soft silk of Elizabeth’s
shirt, brushing her covered nipple as she went. She held her hand just under the curve of
Elizabeth’s breast and stepped closer so her lips were almost level with the other woman’s mouth.

“What about a current Ms Underwood?” she whispered.

Elizabeth shook her head, smiling even more widely.

“Good,” Christa said. “Very good.”

“You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” Elizabeth murmured, her mouth brushing the corner of Christa’s mouth.

“You have no idea,” Christa said, scraping her fingernail over Elizabeth’s silk-covered nipple.

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