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The highs and lows of Netflix’s Falling Inn Love


The highs and lows of Netflix’s Falling Inn Love

Falling Inn Love, the latest rom-com venture from Netflix has not even been out for a week and already the internet has gone wild with hot takes, hilarious reviews and love for its hot star *budget Hemsworth*. Our love for all things romance-movie is well documented so we thought we’d get two of our writers to watch Falling Inn Love and give their thoughts. Suffice to say, Eloise and Courtney had a lot to say….

Eloise: This movie was trash, let’s acknowledge that from the outset. Falling Inn Love had some of my favourite romance tropes; a renovation, an enemies-to-lovers romance, a gorgeous rural country town (I think, it was strangely a rural town with a hipster café?) and, my favourite part of any romance, a very hunky leading man. However, this movie was so bad even the sneaky glass of rose I drank while watching it didn’t help me enjoy myself.

Courtney: God, where do I even start. My face was set in a perpetual ‘WTF’ expression throughout the whole ‘experience’ (for that is what this was. An Experience. Not a film, an Experience). The gorgeous (and gloriously unsubtle) shots of NZ made it worthwhile though, plus all the comic relief characters were just GOLD. I felt many things during the Experience, not all of them good, not all of them bad. Let us discuss.

High Points

Eloise: When she DUMPED THE BOYFRIEND, whilst not the most exhilarating of dumping scenes, the fact that she dropped him quick was a real high point for me. One of my first notes for the movie was;

‘Boyfriend is a dick. Overly dick boyfriend didn’t let her eat bread. Let the damn girl eat bread.’

Nuff said.


  • Norm, formerly known as Norman, is a pure cinnamon roll and should be protected at all times.
  • Shelley is the best friend that we all deserve. Also I’m very happy about the inclusion of more than one positive female relationship!
  • When Gilbert interrupts the almost-kiss, and Jake responds with “I thought we were friends, mate?” I must admit, I did actually LOL.
  • For the rest of the Experience, though, my face was this


Eloise: Also, although the competition entry video looked like it was made on Powerpoint in about 1998, I get it, I too have entered many a random Instagram content whilst on the wines. Never won an inn tho.

Moments that I could not decide if they were hilarious or terrible

Eloise: The goat subplot. I’m not sure if it was brilliant or simply awful that *leading lady* kept getting her house haunted by a random goat. Was it simply to cause confusion with the ghost who also apparently haunted this inn?

Courtney: Excuse me, ‘Selfies With Gilbert’ was the best joke of the movie. But also…

*Netflix writers working on Falling Inn Love*

Writer 1: Alright people do we have a goat or a ghost?

Writer 2:


Also, I know no one wants to relive that singing montage from the car, and that it should be erased from humanity’s collective memory… but I must bring it up because my god, WHY. WHY.


Missed opportunities



Courtney: I concur with Eloise. Every time that tall, gloriously blonde god was on screen, I was very…


I could 100% relate to Gabby being scared at night in the empty house. Not sure why she didn’t get to be all snuggly and ‘oh Jake, protect me with your contractors arms’
He protec, he attac, but most of all… he contrac

Eloise: Apparently his name is not ‘Budget Hemsworth’ as I had previously thought. His name is Adam Demos and he is AUSTRALIAN! WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO!

Courtney: Charlotte is totally a budget Lemon (from Hart of Dixie). But less fun.


Eloise: I feel like this film had a lack of sheep in it. I’ve been to New Zealand, there are a lot of sheep. WHERE ARE ALL THE SHEEP? Are New Zealand trying to re-brand selves away from ‘sheep people’ image?


Lingering Questions


  • Where can I get this amazing VR running machine? I know we were supposed to feel sad that she runs in her home and not in the actual outdoors…but srsly, imagine programming it so you can run across the Moon! Or under the ocean!
  • Who, why, what with this whole ‘win an inn’ thing? It wasn’t ACTUALLY a scam because she literally won property. Why did they do this? Why did everyone get so shocked when they found out she’d won? Who was behind the whole thing? What is going on? Were there any issues with the transfer of property to a person who didn’t actually have NZ citizenship? Am I asking too many questions of a stupid movie? Yes, probably.
  • What was the whole scandalous historical mystery the old blueprint lady alluded too? Why was it never mentioned again? I feel like this plot thread would have been more interesting than the rando fire one (though no regrets seeing budget Hemsworth as a fireman).
  • Why did Budget Hemsworth and Sassy leading lady hate each other on sight? TBH she was super rude to him when they met, but like why? Why continue to refuse the help of apparently the only construction worker in this whole town?


  • Is Gilbert actually possessed by the spirit of the old lady who owned the inn previously?
  • What was the relationship between Charlotte and the scammer? Secret affair??? Did Charlotte kill the old lady so she could get the inn, only to have it backfire when her precious love found out and decided to give it away?!?!?!
  • Does anybody else think this inn looks suspiciously like the Dragonfly Inn from Gilmore Girls?

  • There were zero sex scenes. Netflix, you know what we want. Stop playing coy.


Did you enjoy watching Falling Inn Love? Are you filled with as many questions as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

*Us, at this movie*

By Courtney Lunn & Eloise Plant

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