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The most insane plot points from Emily in Paris season 2


The most insane plot points from Emily in Paris season 2

Season 2 of Netflix’s best-worst show Emily in Paris dropped into our feeds last December and I binged it all in about a day. A year later, and as the third season approaches I found myself wondering… what actually happened in season 2? Was a large suitcase with a fashion designer’s face on it a major plot point? Was Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy there? Did a man lose a finger trying to pop a bottle of champagne? Were there even more absurd outfits?

Yes, in fact. All those things really happened… and so much more insanity!


To help me remember what actually happened in this fever dream of a TV show I polled the group chat for everyone’s best recollection of season 2 events. Here’s what we have (plus explainers) so you’re up to date before season 3 drops on the 21st of December.

Pour yourself a red wine, grab a pastry and put on a red beret (or bucket hat), it’s time to talk Emily in Paris!



The season started with Emily, abandoned on her romantic weekend in St. Tropez, and instead enjoying a girls trip with Camille and Mindy.


They wore some pretty iconic outfits, had a couple of wild nights, and Emily had a major social media gaffe involving a very ugly suitcase with a major fashion designer’s face printed on it. She also spends literally the whole time trying to rustle up job opportunities for herself instead of, you know, enjoying her holiday?

‘There was a rude British man’


The most hilarious plot point of season 2 involved Emily’s having to take remedial French for the second time. As someone who can also say only about three French words, but has never been offered a job working in Paris this made me feel *slightly* better. Whilst in class she’s partnered with a handsome Brit called Alfie, living in Paris temporarily on secondment from his job in London. He is very rude. Truly awfully rude. Yes, they inevitably end up dating. Do I care? Not really. I’m here for Sylvie and Mindy, and them only.

Speaking of…

‘Ashley Park sings’

MINDY!! This season saw Ashley Park’s Mindy attempt to re-launch her singing career with a gig at a nightclub, then busking around Paris with a couple of street singers (and she totally dates one too). Yaaas Mindy. Plot-wise I’m ambivalent. However ANY time Mindy got a musical number was an absolute season highlight.



Many of this season’s more mundane plots involved Emily’s work at the marketing firm, including having to make a campaign around the French Leek diet. Did I pay any more attention? Nope.


‘Camile is her best friend then finds out about whatshisname’

As the group chat astutely put it, much of the season revolves around Emily’s choice to sleep with Camille’s ex Gabriel (aforementioned whatshisname), and Camille’s discovery of that truth at Emily’s birthday party (from an engraved frying pan, truly wild). Camille (naturally) then sours on Emily, even refusing to address her in English.

By the end of the season however it appears as if Gabriel and Camille have not simply gotten back together, they’ve decided to move in. Great choices all around.


‘Her love life is a hot mess’


Alfie or Gabriel? WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE. Do I even care? Not much, but I do like the drama of a love triangle and it appears this one will keep going into season 3, if the trailer is any indication…

‘The cliffhanger ending’

Season 2 saw Emily’s boss Madeleine, from the US, join the team in Paris, and consequently critique their entire business practice. This leads Sylvie, and her whole team to quit. Vivre le revolution! The final scenes of the season showed Sylvie offering Emily a place in her new firm; but which will Emily choose, the opportunities afforded to her by sticking with a big brand-name firm, or the chance to strike out in a brand-new company?

As the finale ends, Emily rings Sylvie and says, “I’ve made my decision.” But what’s the decision? Argh, so many questions unanswered.


Season 3 of Emily in Paris drops on Netflix from the 21st of December!

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