This month we love...

This month we love Plus Size Heroines!


This month we love Plus Size Heroines!

Here at, we believe that that beauty is found everywhere, and that every body deserves to be worshipped and adored. So we’re so thrilled to see the influx of BBW (big, beautiful women) heroines in books (even if screen isn’t getting it right yet, *cough*Insatiable*cough*) and the heroes (and heroines) who love them because of – and not in spite of – their curves.

If you’re looking for love at any size, this month, we love….


The V-Spot by Wendy Markus

She’s a plus-sized nurse looking to get a bit wild on her birthday. He’s a famous wrestler who agrees to be her blind date. The setting is a voyeur motel, and the story gets scorching.

“Upon seeing her room, all the daring Emma had felt on the ride up almost deserted her.
I can’t do this.
“Yes, you can,” she told her reflection.
Brody “The Bull” Bullock.
His words, I’m looking forward to doing exciting things you’ve never done before, and the way he’d said them, his tone sensual, his voice eager, sent a wave of heat coursing through her veins. Thank goodness the wall air-conditioning unit effectively cooled her down or she may have melted right where she stood.”

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Wanna Bet by Talia Hibbert.

One of our favourite new authors and a best-friends-to-lovers story that is as irresistible as it is body positive.\

“A thing of beauty. Absolutely lovely contemporary friends to lovers romance, with a fair bit of angst around Jasmine’s intimacy issues, balanced by a ton of humour, love, friendship and adorable silliness. ” Goodreads review 

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If the Dress Fits – Carla de Guzman.

A confident plus-size heroine finds her self-assurance shaken when her perfect cousin announces she’s getting married. Enter a fake boyfriend, a large, noisy family, and a love story to remember.

“De Guzman proves that love stories are diverse and are not limited to the usual (and commercial) definition of “beauty” and “sexy.” And while the book does not explicitly speak of body politics, the story tells how women rise from body-shaming and stereotyping to empowered women who can rock the world…with a little help from a hot and smart best friend-cum-boyfriend” Amazon review 

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So Sweet by Rebekah Weatherspoon.

We love Rebekah Weatherspoon, and most of her stories feature plus-sized heroines. This is a short, sweet, body positive, sex positive novella, perfect for when you’re only looking for a snack or you want to try a new author. It also features a May-December relationship with a Cinderella twist, if that captures you’re attention – it certainly captured ours!

So Sweet by Rebekah Weatherspoon is just so cute. It’s a fun story that will leave you feeling good after you’ve finished it.” Heroes & Heartbreakers 

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Redemption of a Ruthless Billionaire by Lucy Ellis.

She’s a single mom; he’s the ruthless billionaire that fires her from the job she desperately needs. By the end of the book, he grovels in a very satisfactory manner…!

“Nik didn’t immediately let her go. His hand was still curled around her sweet waist gloved in soft cashmere wool that made the most of her glorious curves above and below.
He could pinpoint the moment he’d stopped thinking clearly. It was when he’d seen her bending down by the fire, the most female-looking woman. She was the proverbial hourglass, and if there was a little more sand than was standard in that glass his libido didn’t make that distinction. She had ample breasts and long, shapely legs, deliciously plump around her thighs and bottom, and in his arms she’d felt like both comfort and sin.
Which explained why his brain took a little longer to catch up, because his body was happy where it was, Sybella’s curves giving him a full body press.”

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