Three Books, Two Murders


Three Books, Two Murders

by Lee Christine

I realized something the other day. I’ve only killed off two characters in my series, quite a low body count considering the novels are set around a fictitious Sydney law firm and feature two rival bikie gangs, the New South Wales gang squad and the Australian military.

Thinking about this, it’s not that I can’t bear to part with my characters, or that I have an aversion to writing graphic violence, it’s just that I find the lesser crimes a more realistic fit when weaving together the threads of a romantic mystery. And statistics show, at least in Australia, the likelihood of being murdered by someone unknown to you is very low. There’s a far greater risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack, carjacking, robbery, blackmail or extortion.

These types of crimes, when committed against the hero or heroine, are perfect for providing the characters with a common goal. That goal may be a race against the clock to prevent an internet crime, or a plan to escape from someone holding them hostage, or working together to uncover a blackmailer. The looming threat of danger heightens the senses, makes time the essence and forces the hero and heroine into a situation where they have to rely on one another, even trust each other with their lives. Hopefully, the escalating sense of danger will keep the reader on tenterhooks and turning the pages well into the night.

My latest release, In Safe Keeping, is a romantic legal thriller featuring a hero and heroine with a massive conflict of interest, a brash detective from the Sydney Gang Squad and an underlying mystery involving the Australian military. In Safe Keeping is the third novel in my loosely linked series. It features characters from the first two books but can be read as a standalone.

Check them out if you like your romance laced with a shot of ‘Grisham’.

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