‘Tis the Season – For a Cahill Christmas


‘Tis the Season – For a Cahill Christmas

christmas-wonderlandYou better watch out, you better not cry – Rhian Cahill is back with another naughty-but-nice Christmas story (make sure you check out her other spirited holiday stories here!).

1. Give us a Twitter-length description of your Christmas title, A Touch of Frost.

This year Jack Frost isn’t biting fingers. He’s melting hearts. #ATouchOfFrost

2. Why did you set your story at Christmas?

Because my editor told me to. 🙂

3. What is your favourite thing about Christmas time?

The food. Family time. The lights. Yes, I LOVE all the lights. The sparkly trees and houses all over our neighbourhood.

4. What do you hope Santa will leave you under the tree this year?

A clean house. More words. A million dollars. Oh, you want realistic wishes? Book money!

5. Finally, are your characters naughty or nice?

They’re nicely naughty. 😉


22837International bestselling author Rhian Cahill kicks off a steamy new holiday series about a very Christmassy company and the three directors who need more than a little mistletoe.

Jack had a great reason to be over Christmas: it’s not seasonal blues, it’s his family business, and there’s only so much tinsel you can have in your life without feeling bah humbug about it.

But this year is different. He’s home after a long absence, with fences to mend, bridges to build and a commitment to change he intends to keep.

Elle loves Christmas, and she is not about to let an arrogant Scrooge like Jack Frost ruin it for her. He might have her libido flashing like fairy lights, but she’s been burned by a guy on the rebound before and she doesn’t need a Boxing Day-bargain boyfriend.

But there’s more than a little magic in mistletoe, and it may just see Elle and Jack ringing in a very happy new year.

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