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Travel Back In Time With These New Historical Romances


Travel Back In Time With These New Historical Romances

Love rakish Viscounts, Medieval Knights, Handsome sailors and other Historical heroes? Love pretending you’re attending a gathering of the ton, at a WWII dance or riding on horseback towards a castle? Historical romance is the genre for you!

Here are a few of our favourite recent release, perfect for a Historical binge read (or two).


Perfect for fans of Bridgerton: The Viscount Who Vexed Me by Julia London

Daring. Darling. Determined.

Next to the season’s newest diamond, Harriet (Hattie) Woodchurch feels like a plain Jane. But that’s of no consequence since Hattie’s plan for her future is to earn enough to live far, far away from her embarrassing family.

That is until Mateo Vincente, Duke of Santiava, and newly minted Viscount Abbot arrives in London. While the shy European’s spoken English is impeccable, his writing is less fluent. The ton is eager to meet the handsome bachelor, and so many invitations flood in that Mateo needs a correspondence secretary.

With her perfect penmanship and way with words, Hattie is recommended, and the two bond over books and the ton’s eligible ladies. But when Hattie’s friend Flora becomes smitten with the viscount, things get complicated. Flora is tongue-tied in his presence. To help, Hattie feeds her information about Mateo’s interests. Soon things turn around and Flora appears on track to become his duchess. Yet for Mateo, something’s not quite right. Conversation with Flora isn’t as scintillating as it is with Hattie…

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Love Australian history? Read The Ship’s Midwife by Peta Miller

Lives are about to be irrevocably changed following a typhus outbreak on a cramped emigrant ship bound for Australia.

1850 Sarah Hallow is orphaned, penniless and alone, with only the skills learned from her midwife mother to guide her. Passage on a ship bound for the new settlement of Brisbane, Australia, is her last option. Though her skills are quickly dismissed by the ship’s doctor, Sarah is pleased to find instant friendship with her cabin mate, Bridie, a fiery Irish girl with a sharp tongue and midwifery skills of her own.

When the two women come to the aid of a labouring woman onboard, Sarah’s dreams of opening her own midwifery practice in Brisbane don’t seem so impossible. Certainly not as impossible as her daydreams about the ship doctor’s son, who only seems to have eyes for her friend.

But something else is lurking on the ship: a disease that has the power to take down even the strongest man and is about to rip through the ship like wildfire, leaving only devastation in its path. As caring for patients stretch Sarah and Bridie to their absolute limit, thoughts of the future are rapidly eclipsed by their determination to survive. If only they can make it to Australia with their lives and loves intact …

Inspired by true events, this is a meticulously researched, eye-opening, heart-breaking, soul-warming story of survival, love and grit for readers of Darry Fraser, Alison Stuart and Tea Cooper.

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Love Medieval stories? Read A Knight for the Runaway Nun by Carol Townend

An evocative friends-to-lovers story set in Medieval France.

From novice nun…to unexpected bride!

Lady Bernadette is poised to take Holy Orders when Sir Hugo of Nérac, her father’s Captain of guards, arrives with news that her sister is expecting. Petrified of childbirth since her mother died, Bernadette races home. But now she’s left the convent, her father wants her wed! There’s only one solution: marry Hugo, her childhood friend. But can she risk consummating their marriage and conceiving…even if his kisses are unbearably tempting?

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Love Merlin? Read One Night in Hartswood by Emma Denny

Oxford 1360

When his sister’s betrothed vanishes the night before her politically arranged marriage, Raff Barden must track and return the elusive groom to restore his family’s honour.

William de Foucart — known to his friends as Penn — had no choice but to abandon his intended, and with it his own earldom, when he fled the night before his enforced marriage. But ill-equipped to survive on the run he must trust the kindness of a stranger, Raff, to help him escape.

Unaware their fates are already entwined, the men journey north. But amidst the snow-capped forests an unexpected bond deepens into a far more precious relationship, one that will test all that they hold dear. And when secrets are finally revealed, both men must decide what they will risk for the one they love…

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Perfect for fans of Sanditon: Her Grace’s Daring Proposal by Joanna Johnson

Opposites attract in Regency London…

The wife everybody wants will choose the husband nobody expects!

Widowed duchess Isabelle Sherborne’s wealth has made her the talk of the ton. But also the target of fortune hunters! So, when they threaten to hold Isabelle to ransom, by destroying her young sister’s reputation, Isabelle asks mercenary Joseph Carter for help. To save everything that Isabelle holds dear, she must convince him to marry her. Yet whilst their convenient vows will protect her, they could put her heart in danger…

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Love The Bletchley Circle? Read The Codebreaker’s Secret by Sara Ackerman

A brilliant female codebreaker. An ‘unbreakable’ Japanese naval code. A pilot on a top-secret mission that could change the course of WWII. The Codebreaker’s Secret is a dazzling story of love and intrigue set during America’s darkest hour.

1943. As war in the Pacific rages on, Isabel Cooper and her codebreaker colleagues huddle in ‘the dungeon’ at Station HYPO in Pearl Harbor, deciphering secrets plucked from the airwaves in a race to bring down the enemy. Isabel has only one wish: to avenge her brother’s death. But she soon finds life has other plans when she meets his best friend, a hotshot pilot with secrets of his own.

1965. Fledgling journalist Lu Freitas comes home to Hawaii to cover the grand opening of the glamorous Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Rockefeller’s newest and grandest project. When a high-profile guest goes missing, Lu forms an unlikely alliance with an intimidating veteran photographer to unravel the mystery. The two make a shocking discovery that stirs up memories and uncovers an explosive secret from the war days. A secret that only a codebreaker can crack.

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Love Regency romance? Read Awakening His Shy Duchess by Christine Merrill

Comprised with a sexy Regency duke…

A panicked escape…ends in a surprising proposal!

Evan Bellwether, the Duke of Fallon, is stunned when Madeline Goddard takes a tumble attempting to flee a ball…and accidentally falls into him! But that’s the least of the duke’s worries when the compromising situation forces them somewhere Evan didn’t want to be — at the altar! At first his new bride appears painfully shy. Could the key to discovering the real Maddie lie with unlocking the passion of their marriage?

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Fan of Queen Charlotte? Try The Portrait of a Duchess by Scarlett Peckham

Once upon a time she married in secret…

An activist painter of radicals and harlots, Cornelia Ludgate dismisses love and marriage as threats to freedom. But when an inheritance gives her the chance to fund the cause of women’s rights—on the condition she must wed—she is forced to reveal a secret: she’s already married. To a man she hasn’t seen for twenty years.

Oh…and her husband is a duke.

A horse breeder with a clandestine taste for revolution, Rafe Goodwood never expected to become a duke. But now that the title is his, he is plotting to shock the ruling class with ambitions of reform—and reveal the infamous Cornelia is his duchess. That just presents one problem: he must not fall in love with her—again.

Now they must resist the temptation to rekindle an affair…

Although determined not to sacrifice her principles for passion, Cornelia is still drawn to the man whose very being threatens her independence. Hurt too many times, Rafe can’t risk love again—especially with the woman who once shattered his heart. But a conspiracy to upend the inequalities of the aristocracy bring Cornelia and Rafe closer, forcing them to finally decide what—and who—they hold dear.

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