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Trope Alert: Valentine’s Day


Trope Alert: Valentine’s Day

Things we love this month… romance set on/around Valentine’s Day!

Here are just a few books, movies and TV shows to indulge in this month if you want a taste of romance this Valentine’s season!


Be My Valentine by R.J. Groves

A seamstress. A naval officer. An impossible decision.

Harley Smith has always been unlucky in love, and this year is no different. Even if she can’t get her best friend’s brother out of her head. It’s been almost a year, and with Valentine’s Day approaching and no date in sight, perhaps it’s time to stop holding out hope on her dreams. Maybe she should make her own happily ever after…

Joey Gray is a sailor through and through. He’s been hurt before, and his job has become the only thing he can truly count on. But then he met his sister’s best friend – the woman who has filled his dreams for months on end, regardless of how much he has tried to forget her. Now his career isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, and he knows who’s responsible. He needs to see her again. And what better day to tell her how he feels than on her birthday-Valentine’s Day?

But is one week enough time to figure out what they have?

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A Valentine’s Proposal by Kim Findlay

Their engagement is pretend, but Cupid has other plans…

Event planner Mariah Van Delton has a plan to save the charming small town of Carter’s Crossing — by turning it into a romance destination! All Mariah needs is a very public Valentine’s Day proposal. And her only option? A fake one between her and the handsome town veterinarian and wedding-hater, Nelson Carter. But a little charade between adversaries might just be the start of something undeniably real

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Her Unexpected Valentine by Sherelle Green

His rules of engagement…

Miami’s steamy fashion and beauty scene is finally taking notice of Nicole LeBlanc. She’s just landed a coveted gig as lead makeup artist and hairstylist on a series of Valentine’s Day commercials being shot in Hollywood. And once she locks eyes with the seriously sexy creative director, she’s certain he could fulfill her own secret romantic fantasies. Too bad Kendrick Burrstone doesn’t do relationships, despite their over–the–top chemistry.

After being burned by love, Kendrick lives by two unbreakable rules: dodge Cupid’s arrow and never mix business with pleasure. But both on and off the set, Nicole’s fiery touch is tempting Kendrick to take another chance. Until a vindictive ex and a nasty extortion plot ignite a media frenzy that could end his rising career…and cost him the heart of the sweetest and most passionate woman he’s ever met.

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Her Wyoming Valentine Wish by Allison Leigh

The heiress, the mechanic…and the kiss that changes everything.

Delia Templeton is adrift — unlucky in love, unsure of the next step in her career. When she’s tapped to run her wealthy grandmother’s new charitable foundation, she finds new purpose — and finds herself dealing with Mac Jeffries, the stranger who gave her a bracing New Year’s kiss. Turns out the taciturn mechanic volunteers with the local youth group the foundation is funding. Working together gives Delia and Mac ample opportunity to butt heads…and revisit that first kiss as Valentine’s Day fast approaches…

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Valentine’s Day (2010)

On Valentine’s Day, several couples face struggles related to their love lives while others try their best to find love. However, they try to overcome the challenges to make things work.

Valentine’s Again (2017)

Katherine, an ad executive, endures the worst Valentine’s Day date of her life. On her walk home, a gypsy weaves a magical spell on her. When she wakes up the next morning, she realizes she’s reliving the day until she finds the right man.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Realising that Sam has still not come to terms with his wife Maggie’s death, his eight-year-old son Jonah forces him to call a national radio talk show, with the hopes of finding him a companion.

My Secret Valentine (2018)

Chloe Grange begins to take advice from a series of notes left on the chalkboard by a mysterious tenant while she is trying to stop the sale of her family’s winery.

TV Shows

Parks and Recreation ‘Galentine’s Day’

Leslie and Justin reunite her mother with an old flame for Valentine’s Day; Andy’s band is nervous about playing a gig at the Senior Center.

Modern Family ‘ My Funky Valentine’

It’s Valentine’s Day and, while Phil and Claire plan a special trip, Jay woos Gloria by taking her to a stand-up show. Expect varying romantic results.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’

When Cordelia breaks up with Xander, he enlists the help of witch Amy to cast a spell on Cordelia to win her back. Unfortunately, the spell delivers some surprising results.

Gilmore Girls ‘A Vineyard Valentine’

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Rory and Logan invite Lorelai and Luke to spend a weekend with them at Logan’s family’s house on Martha’s Vineyard. Lorelai is upset by Luke’s unfriendly attitude toward Logan.

Glee ‘Heart’

Will asks the glee club members to find and perform the world’s best love songs in honor of Valentine’s Day; Rachel’s fathers, Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) and LeRoy Berry (Brian Stokes Mitchell) visit McKinley High.


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