by Kate

I love friends to lovers stories. The risk involved, the growing feelings, the does-he/does-she agonies, the over-analysis of a look: it’s all my reader jam . And I know I’m not alone in this regard. Romance readers love their romance novel tropes. Whether it’s fairy tale re-tellings, secret babies, or bad boy billionaires (or all three!), there’s a little frisson that dances down our spine when we know that a story contains a hit of our own personal catnip.


We have talked about romance tropes before on The Escapades, from our authors’ perspective. Just like readers, they too have favourite literary conceits, and you can read about them in a blog series we did last year.

But mostly, I just wanted to tell you about a project that we’ve put together for 2017, because we wanted to put the right stories in the right hands. Because we’re readers too. Because everyone deserves a little frisson from time to time.

Trope-tastic bind-ups.

Not by author, not by setting, not even really by theme.

By trope.

So when you are chasing your catnip, you know you’ll find it – three fantastic stories worth.


We’re putting out our first trope-up tomorrow, and we have two more coming out in February, with more scheduled later this year.

So if these tropes tickle your fancy, click through and indulge, dear readers – we already have!