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Virgin River Recap: Everything You Need To Remember Before Season 3 Drops


Virgin River Recap: Everything You Need To Remember Before Season 3 Drops


So, here is everything you need to remember from season 2.

We left the stunningly picturesque town of Virgin River at the end of November last year, and what an ending it was! With season three nigh, it’s time to take a quick trip back to season two and refresh our memories of what went down!

The finale

We might as well start with the ending because every Virgin River fan around the world was left reeling when Mel walked into the bar and found a wounded Jack on the floor. Yes, there was always going to be a cliffhanger, but I was unprepared for that moment, and the excruciating wait I knew was ahead. Who shot Jack? Of course, bad guy Calvin would be suspect numero uno, or maybe Charmaine took Jack’s rebuff more seriously than we thought? (Hey, it’s possible!)

Doc and Hope

We got to see so much more of Doc and Hope throughout season two, and I was over the moon, to say the least because I adore these two! It was fabulous seeing them so loved up, and when Hope wants to keep their relationship a secret from the gossipmongers of Virgin River and suggests to Doc he needs to date other women? Oh my! It certainly provided some light-hearted relief amongst the drama and mystery this season introduced. But just when things seem fine and dandy again, Doc has something ailing him, and I am praying my heart will not be broken in season three!

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Paige and Preacher

Another likeable duo, but with a truckload of drama that impacts every chance they have at a possible relationship. In only the second episode, the unthinkable happens when Paige’s abusive ex turns up out of the blue and pushes her to her very limit. She pushes back, both figuratively and literally and sends him into a bone-jarring spiral down the stairs and thus his ultimate end. She turns to Preacher, who only wants to protect Paige and her son, and he tells them to leave Virgin River. Preacher then disposes of the body, but we know something will happen and are not surprised when the twin brother of Paige’s ex turns up demanding answers or when the local sheriff discovers a body in the woods!


Frankly, I could go on forever about this lady and how much she drove me nuts in season two. Clearly, Charmaine has never heard of the old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t’ say anything at all,” and her dislike of Mel was abhorrently apparent. Yes, I know she is having a tough pregnancy, but she’s over the top nasty, and I’m grateful when she finally realises that she’ll never have Jack.

The bad guys

Sadly, Brady falls into his category now that he’s working for Calvin, and it seems there’s a lot of dastardly deeds afoot. We discover that Calvin’s logging business is just a front for his actual business – drugs. And he is very interested in buying a local farm. For what? We are yet to learn, but when Mel and Jack interfere, Calvin is furious. Furious enough to shoot Jack?

Mel and Jack

When season one ended, Mel left Virgin River and broke Jack’s heart. Whilst away, she makes peace with her former life and returns home to a very uncomfortable reunion with Jack. She just up and left, so you really can’t blame Jack for being frosty, but thankfully it doesn’t last, and these two finally make up. They also make love! And all of us fans were doing the happy dance. But it’s not all roses and champagne, of course, because there’s Charmaine pregnant with Jack’s babies (she’s having twins!), there’s a reunion with Jack’s marine pals, which only feeds his inner demons more. And there’s that whole other thing with Brady and Calvin, which brings us back to that jaw-dropping ending!

*Correction: There is MUCH to worry about*

What’s ahead?

Who knows! But from what I have read so far, the ten episodes will be jam-packed with drama! The official word from Netflix is that season three will involve “a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and a new romance in a twist-packed season that’ll keep fans on the edge of their seats.”

All I can say is…BRING IT ON.

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Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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