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Watched all 8 eps of Bridgerton already? Here are 8 reasons why Sanditon should be your next binge.


Watched all 8 eps of Bridgerton already? Here are 8 reasons why Sanditon should be your next binge.

Ok, I know that Bridgerton is THE most watched show on Netflix ever! But if you are like me and binge-watched it in eight hours and now have to wait nine-plus months in anguish for season 2, then have I found the show for you to watch to tide you over! Sanditon is all the Regency romance you need right now – Lady Whistledown would highly approve.

It’s based on a Jane Austen novel

  1. Anyone who is a Jane Austen fan knows that Sanditon is based on her final, unpublished, unfinished manuscript. Austen set the stage for the world of Sanditon but only completed eleven chapters, and the series’ creators were able to bring the rest to life, making sure it still contains all the Austen hallmarks.


It’s diverse

2. There are some great diverse characters, just like Bridgerton, and I don’t want to spoil things so make sure you watch to find out who they are!


The heroine is an ICON

3. I love the main character of Charlotte Heywood. She is feisty and sassy and reminds me very much of Daphne Bridgerton – and she is not afraid to call people out on their bad behaviour. She may not be punching people in the face but there is a scene at the dinner table where another young woman is being humiliated and she doesn’t stand for it. She evens holds her ground against a brooding Sidney Parker – incurring his wrath on multiple occasions!


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Scandal x1000

4. There are a couple of scandalous relationships that are reminiscent of Game of Thrones! There is a bit of backstabbing and scheming and a very unexpected ending.



5. It has iconic scenes – for example, Charlotte trying to control herself as she accidently sees Sidney Parker coming out of the water completely naked! Now, until this moment I was racking my small brain, trying to recall where I had seen actor Theo James before, with no luck. Then it all came flooding back … Divergent, a series of young adult movies from quite a few years ago – so of course I then found all of those movies and cued them up to watch as soon as Sanditon was over. Which I totally recommend!



6. The costumes, of course, are fabulous. Not quite as luxe as Bridgerton, but definitely very regal.


Lord Babington, a sweet cinnamon roll

7. In a world full of Sir Denhams, be a Lord Babington! I don’t think I was expecting to like Lord Babington so much, but he was very much ahead of his time and I really liked how his relationship with Esther developed.



8. Theo James coming out of the water after a swim is definitely a highlight! The best bit is when Charlotte gets home after having witnessed this sight, and her friend asks her if she saw anything of interest.


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By Sarana Behan

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