We need help! Win some books!


We need help! Win some books!

9689There were many reasons for starting Escape Publishing, but one of the most compelling was the stories that we were reading that were fantastic, breath-takingly romantic stories that just didn’t fit into any of the traditional categories.

Since then, we’ve gloried in diversity, publishing titles that we loved across a number of different sub-genres (and even invented some of our own!)

In the next few months, the Escape Publishing website is being updated, and we get the opportunity to update our categories at the same time. We’re very excited to be able to better signpost to readers where they can find the book they really want to read. But some of our titles are easier to categorise than others.

19225Which leads to our current dilemma.

We have a group of stories that have a similar theme, but no current category that adequately describes them.

Behind the scenes, we call them our ‘woo-woo’ romances – those stories that recognise that there may be more to our world than what we can see and hear and touch, more to our world than can be adequately explained by science.

They are grounded in reality, but see more possibilities to our life.

They’re not paranormals; they’re not fantasy. They’re just…more.

19228The Contest

Come up with a category for our website and marketing that describes this very special group of stories.

We’re looking for something short and snappy, something that we can use in our marketing and descriptions with e-tailers, something that readers will understand (or at least suggest enough that they want to look into it more!)

Enter in the comments; enter as often as you like. With each entry, please include your email address, so we can notify the winner. We’ll be running the competition from now through the month of May, so check back often to see if anything sparks your imagination.

18883The Winner

The entrant who comes up with the category title that we like the best will win one (1) copy of a book from each of the authors in our backlist that will end up in the new category. These books include:

I Dream of JohnnyJuliet Madison

Hindsight – Sarah Belle

Beautiful Illusion – Jacquie Underdown

Secret Reflection – Jennifer Brassel

In Her Dreams – Katherine Givens

You will also win bragging rights, and the undying gratitude of our digital marketing manager, who just can’t wrap his head around what ‘woo-woo’ means.
9087(she looks like she knows).
Save us, romance readers! You’re our only hope!

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