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We Recap Firefly Lane


We Recap Firefly Lane

When everyone else was raving about Bridgerton, and I was refusing to get on that bandwagon because there are only so many hours I can spend watching TV thanks to those things called life and work getting in the way, I decided to devote my time to another Netflix offering, Firefly Lane starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke.

Netflix describes this series as:

Best friends Tully and Kate support each other through good times and bad with an unbreakable bond that carries them from their teens to their 40s.

Whilst my preferable description is:

Two best friends, two total opposites, and one AWESOME soundtrack.


Okay, so, what went down in season one of Firefly Lane? Well, frankly…PLENTY.

First of all, kudos to the Netflix casting people for the brilliant pairing of Heigl and Chalke. These two actors are fabulous, and their chemistry is that good I was convinced that they were best friends for thirty plus years, just like the characters they portray.

Speaking of which…

Kate is the mum who is juggling many things:

  • an angsty teenage daughter.
  • a divorce (from the man she truly loves and needs to realise that before it’s too late!)
  • returning to the workforce after a long hiatus.
  • a boss much younger than herself who says stupid things like “technology is the death of modern romance”.
  • dating fiascos that make me both laugh and cringe because Kate seems to put her foot in in her mouth ALL THE TIME.
  • And her friendship with Tully, which is the ultimate rollercoaster ride if ever there was.

Tully, on the other hand, struggles with:

  • A childhood that sucked except for when she met Kate.
  • A mother who goes by the name of Cloud but really it should have been Cyclone!
  • An unapologetic manner, which at times makes me wish I had her confidence, but then I realise it would be too exhausting to keep that up.
  • A banging sex-life, and I mean that literally.
  • Inner demons of which she has a TONNE.

As teenagers in the 70s, Kate and Tully are truly opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Where Kate is the shy girl everyone overlooks, Tully’s confident and sassy. Where Kate wears buttoned up shirts and glasses so big, I was somewhat transfixed, Tully cuts a model-like figure in short skirts, knee-high boots, thus epitomising the cool chick. If they weren’t neighbours, they would have more than likely never met, and that would have been a travesty!

As college graduates starting their first jobs together – yes, it’s a must as best friends because that way they’ll always have each other’s backs – we learn about the world of journalism and talk shows, that a bullet can’t even stop Tully, that Kate really needs to stop being a pushover, that drugs and drinking can make you do dumb things. We’re also reminded of what fashion was like in the 80s, and as I was a teenager back then myself, I couldn’t get enough of the hot pinks and pastels. Oh, and the big hair too!

But it’s Kate and Tully as forty-something women that are truly my favourites. Yes, they fight. Yes, there are men problems and dating problems and sex problems, and moments when you want to grab both of their shoulders and give them a bloody good shake! But they are BEST FRIENDS, and so their support for one another is without question.

Speaking of men problems…if I were Kate and Johnny was my husband, I would be forgetting all about that pesky divorce, and more about him fixing my pipes! And as for Max, oh my god Tully you need to get your crap together and realise you two are meant to be!

But what lies ahead?

Well, I honestly don’t know because Netflix have yet to confirm season two! Which means, I have no idea what Tully did to Kate or if Johnny’s still alive? Cue my howls of frustration!

What I do know, however, is that Firefly Lane is fabulous and funny and dramatic and sexy. Everything a fan of romance will love!

And to paraphrase Kate and Tully… “Firefly Lane girls forever!”

Firefly Lane is now streaming on Netflix.

Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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