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We Recap Virgin River Season 2


We Recap Virgin River Season 2

Mills & Boon author Helen Lacey recapped and reviewed season 1 of Virgin River on Netflix last year, so we thought we’d get her back for season 2!

I’m delighted to be reviewing Season 2 of Virgin River. I adored Season 1 and like so many, I’ve been waiting for Season 2 of Virgin River and I devoured the entire season in one day. As with Season 1, I loved it and adored the chemistry between the main leads.

In the first season, we were introduced to the small town of Virgin River and the cast of main and secondary characters and got to know them. In Season 2, we really get to know them. So, yeah, spoilers ahead….

Of course, Jack is the main hero – strong and reliable – ex-military and now the owner of a bar. In Season 2, we get to see more of him and the demons he carries. I’ve always been a Martin Henderson fan and I think he does a stellar job of navigating the sometimes achingly vulnerable Jack through the complicated minefield that has become his life – having children with one woman (Yes, Charmaine is having twins – but I did say there were spoilers ahead) while he’s desperately in love with someone else. It’s a fascinating love triangle, particularly because Charmaine loves Jack, but Jack loves Mel…and Mel…well, she’s finally accepting her grief and really opens up about losing her husband and baby and the heart wrenching guilt she feels. And of course she loves Jack…who wouldn’t!

There’s also big steps forward with Hope and Doc – who are in the midst of rekindling their complicated relationship – these two talented actors are so entertaining to watch on screen. Plus, Ricky gets entangled with busy-body Connie’s wayward niece. And yes, there’s a whole lot more of Preacher (who I’m a little in love with and no one would blame me) in this series. He rides in like knight to help Paige and her son after disaster strikes in the form of her despicable ex-husband, Wes. I adore the building relationship between Preacher and Paige and am so looking forward to season 3 to get more insight into this pairing. And Brady…well, maybe he’s not the bad boy we all thought. I love seeing characters redeem themselves and Season 2 gives hope to Brady’s sometimes questionable character.

There is also a more detailed sense of mystery and intrigue in Season 2 – as the story arc are developed and the characters motivations are made clearer. And of course there’s the usual misunderstandings between the characters and enough trouble makers to keep the story lines interesting and make us wanting more. (Like Charmaine – who is kind of unlikable in this season, although I understood why) Plus, the finale scene was a kicker…I certainly wasn’t expecting that!

So, yes, Season 2 of Virgin River is a hit and I’m so looking forward to Season 3 and beyond.

About the author: Helen Lacey

Helen Lacey grew up reading Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables and Little House on The Prairie. These childhood classics inspired her to write her first book when she was seven years old, a story about a girl and her horse. She continued to write with the dream of one day being a published author and writing for Mills & Boon is the realization of that dream. She loves creating stories about cowboys and horses and heroine’s who get their happily ever after.

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