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We Watched The Bachelor Finale Week And Had So Many Thoughts


We Watched The Bachelor Finale Week And Had So Many Thoughts

Author Eva Scott recaps all the drama, tears and joy of the final The Bachelor episodes this season.

I am desperate to talk to you about who Locky chose as his one true love and to jump straight to the last episode but I feel I am contractually obligated to talk about home visits first so let’s get that out of the way so we can get to the juicy stuff.

Locky’s first home visit is with Izzie’s mum and close friend, who has acted as Izzie’s second mum all her life. She jumps Locky through his hoops and squares him up through her feminist lens. I’m not sure he’s going to pass muster but he charms her to the point that she asks him if he’s willing to donate sperm to Izzie if things don’t work out, as a consolation prize to Izzie. Not sure how Izzie will feel about this. Embarrassing, Mum!

Poor Irena! Due to the border closure between NSW and Victoria her family were unable to travel. They settle for a video call. The distance in no way prevents her brother, Igor, from making it very clear to Locky that there will be pitchforks (yes, you read that right) involved if things go pear-shaped. But Locky charms him too and we end up with everyone on board.

Bec is a late-comer to The Bachelor and her family have mixed feelings about Locky. Mum Jodie is a fan, having stalked him extensively online, and she likes what she sees. Brother Brad is feeling a little more dubious, finding it hard to believe in Locky’s good intentions at such short notice. Bec shows her hand at the end of the visit, telling Locky she’s falling in love with him. He knows she has never been in love before and questions whether she’s ready for a commitment. This does not bode well for Bec.

Bella warns Locky that her dad is a ‘straight shooter. He’s a hard arse.’ You’ve been warned, Locky. Dad catches them snogging on the couch as he walks in. Not happy, Jan! He too has stalked Locky online and has a very different opinion to Bec’s mum= and takes the opportunity to tell Locky so. Mum goes in hard over lunch even though she does like Locky. Their daughter’s heart is at stake after all. While Mum comes around, Dad is determined to burst the bubble. He asks Locky the hard questions and gives no quarter. While he’s open about not trusting Locky, he thaws a little but does not melt. Bella breaks down as Locky leaves, having fallen deeply in love with the man. But if Locky loves her he’s NOT ALLOWED TO SAY IT BACK. (This is an important point that will matter later. Stay tuned.)

In the end, Locky picks Irena and Bella, the two ex-best friends and fierce rivals. The stage is set for some cracking drama.

Are you ready?

Locky sees Irena as gentle and loving. He has never felt so safe and cared for in a relationship and feels she’d make the perfect girlfriend/wife/mother.

Bella, on the other hand, gives him amazing, electric, explosive, exciting feelings (his words, not mine).

His gut says Bella. His head says Irena. His heart hasn’t made its mind up yet.

Who do you turn to when you’re confused and in strife? Your mum of course, and Locky is no different. I like Locky’s mum. She’s a strong, original woman and you can see why Locky is the way he is. Her job is to meet the two girls and help him sort out his feelings. She’s looking for a strong, confident girl who will pull her son into line when he needs it.

With a cruel twist on the part of the producers, the two girls both arrive at the same time and sit side by side as they are introduced to Locky’s mum. Bella tells the tale of their friendship, once so strong, going up in flames. Irena remains very quiet.

Bella has her chat first and Mum sees a strong, confident woman which gains her seal of approval.

Gentle Irena is up next, and Mum finds her caring and soft. She wonders if she can stand up to Locky when he needs it.

The upshot is, Mum likes both girls and proves useless in the help department. She does suggest having them both. Shame the two girls are no longer friends.

Locky takes both girls out on a last date. Irena gets to go off-roading which looks like a barrel of fun. They take some quiet time, lying on a blanket by some water, and Locky confesses his mother’s concerns about her. Irena reassures him she’s much tougher than she seems. Her gentleness is not weakness. Locky worries about messing things up with Irena and I’m worried he’s foreshadowing. So is Irena.

Fast forward to a hot tub moment. The camera lingers on Locky’s strength and honour tattoo, and I wonder if he can live up to his motto as Irena talks about her deep feelings and fears. Locky tells her he’s FALLEN IN LOVE with her (see previous). She’s over the moon but she’s been burned before and while she wants to believe so badly, experience has taught her caution.

Bella gets a helicopter ride over the Hunter Valley. There’s this moment when he looks at her like she’s the only woman on earth and I think, maybe he’ll choose Bella after all. A string quartet greets them when they land for a private concert under the trees. Bella reminds him of the tiny heart she gave him when they first met so he could always wear his heart on his sleeve. He rolls up his sleeve to reveal a drawing of a heart and the words ‘I’m a big believer in love at first sight and I think I fell in love with you on that night.’ They end the day with a night-time swim in a pool surrounded by candles. They begin to plan their next year together and Locky proposes some adventures. Locky tells Bella he’s fallen in love with her. *Insert sigh-of-pain*

I have to give Locky ten out of ten on the romance scale. I write this stuff for a living and he’s muscling in on my job. Problem is, he’s told both girls he loves them. Maybe it would be best to keep your feelings to yourself, Locky, and NOT TELL THEM. Too late. He’s just added salt to someone’s wound.

‘Surely he wouldn’t tell you he loved you if he was going to pick someone else, right?’ says Bella. Good question, girlfriend. Someone is going to get very, very hurt.

This brings us to the big day. Locky is emotionally tangled up by The Bachelor process and seems to have no idea who he’s going to choose. Time is running out.

Let’s take a sidebar moment to discuss the girl’s outfits, shall we?

Irena wears an elegant leopard print sleeveless floor length dress which is slit to the thigh and compliments her colouring perfectly. She looks beautiful.

Bella wears a delicious berry coloured concoction with a strapless bodice and a floaty multi-hued skirt. The colour is heaven on her.

Let’s press on…

Locky is in real pain. Irena has real anxiety. Bella is holding her breath. Me too.

Locky cries – a lot and properly. He announces he doesn’t want to do the choosing. Too bad, buddy. You can’t go around this, you’ve got to go through it.

Cut to the big announcement.

Locky cries in Bella’s arms. What’s this? Is he choosing Irena? Come on, Locky, I need to breathe. He confesses he loves Irena too. Not good. What he needs is certainty from Bella. Can she give it to him? He’s not so sure. Bella is justifiably confused. Didn’t he say he loved her? She’s angry and looks like she wants to give him a slap. I know how I’d feel if I were in her shoes and it’s NOT happy. Bella walks out, gets in the car and leaves. Tell me, who wouldn’t feel lied to and betrayed at this point? Poorly played, Locky.

Irena has always been the bridesmaid and never the bride. Maybe now her dreams will come true. Locky takes her hands in his and tells her how he feels about her. She’s won his heart and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He gives her a ring as a promise of their future. Irena has got her fairy tale ending at last. *Insert happy sigh*

I wish them all the luck in the world, with a word of caution – beware men who are up for dating twenty-three women at one time. They may prove fickle.



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