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What an Editor wants… What sets an editor’s pulse racing in Medical Romance?


What an Editor wants… What sets an editor’s pulse racing in Medical Romance?

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Earlier this month, we announced our ‘Medical Month’ blitz – an opportunity for aspiring authors to get their Medical romance submissions fast-tracked. Find out more here.

With the Medical Romance blitz round the corner, we decided this was a great time to share what stories we’re most excited to see hit our inbox when Medical Month opens in May!

To help get you started, here’s what is currently at the top of our wish list…

  • An uplifting, emotionally satisfying romance set against the backdrop of the medical world. However, please don’t feel limited to just a hospital. Medical drama can take place anywhere, so why not consider an air ambulance story in risky and remote settings? Perhaps a local practice on a tropical island or in the Outback? You could even visit the medics onboard a superyacht! Or dive down deep onto a submarine. What emergencies would there be in the jungle? And remember there can be just as much excitement in a cosy village GPs! Don’t forget to research the latest and greatest medical breakthroughs for inspiration. The medical world is vast and ready to be explored!
  • We’re keen to see medicine extend to animals too! Whether you have a vet story you’re excited to write, or even have an idea where the animal plays a key role in the story such as a therapy pet, a guide dog etc, we would love to read it.
  • Take us to far flung locations and excite our senses! Do you have a story set in Costa Rica, Japan or even South Africa? Or anywhere on the Mediterranean? We love stories set all around the world and wish to be transported through your words to somewhere you can blend medical drama and the uniqueness of the backdrop in which you have set your story. 
  • Our most popular and adored themes amongst readers and editors alike usually feature babies—especially twins and even triplets!—surgeons and midwives, vets and their adorable pets, single parents, second chances, Christmas and other seasonal content, plus these stories are usually workplace romances, so really make the most of that lovely forced proximity! However, we’re always on the lookout for how a classic theme can feel different. Can you put your own spin on a popular trope, transforming it into something fresh and eye catching?
  • We want our readers to see themselves in the books we publish, so we’re actively acquiring to increase diversity and representation in our medical romances. Do you have an LGBTQ+ story set in the medical world? Or have an idea featuring a neurodiverse character? Are your characters from Black, Asian or other ethnic and religious cultures and do they authentically represent these communities? We’re looking for under-represented voices to bring fresh perspectives to our series, and represent the diversity we see reflected in our communities and in the medical profession around the world.

We hope these options help inspire you to either write that story you have always wanted to write or have the confidence to send in something for us to read. Good luck, we can’t wait for Medical Month in May!


The Medical Romance editors x

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