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What To Read If Love At First Sight Is Your Favourite Trope


What To Read If Love At First Sight Is Your Favourite Trope

I don’t know about you, but my absolute favourite part of reality shows like Married at First Sight and Love Is Blind is the moment when the couples’ eyes meet, and you can just see the *sparks* fly between them. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

*Alexa play ‘Enchanted’ by Taylor Swift*

If love at first sight is a trope you love, here’s what you need to read next!


How to Propose to a Princess by Rebecca Winters

How to Propose to a Princess

She fell for a doctor…can she love a crown prince?

When Dr Nico Barsotti meets Princess Fausta of Domodossola, it’s love at first sight — for them both! Before he asks for Fausta’s hand in marriage, orphaned Nico resolves to uncover the secrets of his birth. Fausta’s always longed for a life away from the royal court, so their future is uncertain when Nico reveals his discovery — he’s a crown prince!

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The One He’s Been Looking For by Joanna Sims

The One He's Been Looking For

He’d finally discovered his muse…just as he was losing his sight. Joanna Sims tells the romantic story of a closed–off photographer who opens up for the love he’s always needed in her latest book, The One He’s Been Looking For!

World–famous photographer Ian Sterling had been searching for the perfect woman. And when he finally spotted Jordan Brand he simply had to have her. Her photos would mark his final work. His life as he knew it was slipping through his fingers. The man who bestowed beauty on the world was losing his sight.

For rebellious artist Jordan, becoming someone’s inspiration should have been laughable. Yet being with Ian made her ridiculously happy. Knowing of the difficult road he was traveling made her love him even more. But Ian refused to pass his disorder along to children–leaving Jordan to choose between the man who held her heart and the family she’d always wanted….

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A Perfectly Imperfect Match by Marie Ferrarella

A Perfectly Imperfect Match

Jared Winterset is not in the market for a wife…until he’s thrown together with beautiful violinist Elizabeth.

Soon, they are enjoying themselves way too much, but Elizabeth isn’t sure it will last and Jared thinks their relationship is just fun. But they’re about to learn that, in a real love match, both players can win…

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Waking Up Wed by Christy Jeffries

Waking Up Wed

The bride said, ‘I did?’

Forget about her reputation. Kylie Chatterson is most definitely not that kind of girl. She’s a conscientious CPA who has never even been with a man…that way. But when she wakes up in a Nevada hotel room after her friend’s bachelorette party, the best man is in her bed…and he’s wearing a wedding ring.  And guess what: so is she!

For better or worse, Drew Gregson is now her husband. The hunky military psychologist doesn’t remember the night any more than she does. Nevertheless, he seems in no hurry to end their impulsive betrothal. As she gets to know Drew and his adorable, squirmy nephews, Kylie has to remind herself this is all temporary — and pretend. Or could it be the best mistake she ever made?

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The Bachelor Takes A Bride by Brenda Harlen

The Bachelor Takes A Bride

‘You don’t know me…but will you marry me?’

It strikes him like a lightning bolt when he lays eyes on Jordyn Garrett.  Just like his grandma always says, ‘You’ll know her when you see her’.  Now restaurateur Marco Palermo knows he’s just met his wife — if only she’ll date him!

Jordyn’s heard every line and deflected them all. She’s walked through heartbreak and come out stronger, albeit lonelier. She’ll never love again. But the scrumptious Italian with the melted chocolate eyes is nothing if not persistent. And sexy. So sexy. Just her luck to find the only man in the world who wants marriage and family. Things Jordyn can’t give. But can he convince her that he’s everything she’s ever wanted?

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The Long, Hot Texas Summer by Cathy Gillen Thacker

The Long, Hot Texas Summer

Heating Up in Texas! 

When Justin McCabe hires a master carpenter to help build his ranch for troubled teens, tall, gorgeous blonde Amanda Johnson isn’t quite what he’d imagined. But not only can she do the job, she has a thing or two to teach him about judging by appearances. And, more important, she has a knack for reaching the kind of kid Justin wants to help. 

Amanda hadn’t counted on her new boss–all strapping six foot five of him–being so utterly irresistible. Working side by side under the scorching Texas sun, the two of them make a great team–in every way possible. The heat of summer is no match for the sizzle they generate whenever they’re together. But when a crisis forces Amanda to face her past, she’ll need to make a heart–wrenching decision about her future…whether Justin is in it or not.

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From Good Guy To Groom by Tracy Madison

From Good Guy To Groom


A summer in Steamboat Springs could be just what the doctor ordered for injured trauma nurse Andrea Caputo…especially when she meets her sexy, deeply caring physical therapist. Ryan Bradshaw has a unique, hands–on approach to healing…inside and out. 

Ryan was looking for a fresh start in this scenic Colorado town. Now he has a new mission possible. It’s an undeniable thrill taking Andi horseback riding and slow dancing together. Doesn’t this beautiful, independent woman who has never relied on anyone but herself know that no matter what happens, he’ll always be there to catch her? All Andi has to do is trust in their growing feelings and take that leap of faith with him. Then the sky’s the limit!

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Pride And Pregnancy by Sarah M. Anderson

Pride And Pregnancy

t is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of good sense must not mix business with passion. 

Like that will keep Tom Yellow Bird from pursuing the woman who shocked his senses at first sight. Yes, the wealthy FBI special agent’s job is to work a case involving the Honorable Caroline Jennings. It is his duty to protect the beautiful judge. Yet nothing stops him from acting on the attraction between them. And once he discovers Caroline is pregnant…any good sense he’s ever had completely vanishes. 

But when a secret Caroline is keeping is finally revealed, will Tom’s pride become his ultimate undoing?

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