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What We’re Watching, Reading and Listening To This Week


What We’re Watching, Reading and Listening To This Week

It’s the Easter long weekend… and we are staying HOME! So we thought we’d bring you what our writers are planning on watching, reading and listening to this weekend to escape, inspire, relax and bring joy. P.S we have on good authority that all these activities go egg-cellently with chocolate and hot cross buns…

We’d also love to hear what you’re reading, watching and listening to! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram @romanceanz or by commenting below!


Hart of Dixie



Eloise: What better time than a four-day weekend to get lost in the warm, pie-scented world of Bluebell? It’s sunny, filled with thematic parades and drawling Southern accents… and just a little bit of ~romance~. Hart of Dixie is a show I unabashedly return to again and again, it’s like a comforting hug, and with four seasons to (re)watch it’s perfect for a lazy long weekend at home.
P.S. watch purely for Wade Kinsella if nothing else…


Where to watch: Stan

Kim’s Convenience



Saskia: I have four days with absolutely no plans aside from binge-watching the new series of Kim’s Convenience and I am not even mad about it. If you haven’t watched this adorable Canadian sitcom before, you are missing out. Set in a little convenience store in Toronto, we follow various members of the Kim family as they navigate everyday family troubles, cultural and generational clashes, and numerous silly hijinks. There are four seasons, there are four days of the long weekend…do you see where I’m going with this?
Where to watch: Netflix


Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Eloise: This book series is basically The Bold Type in book form! The series follows three best friends as they live life and find love in New York! A romantic comedy with a lot of heart, Sleepless in Manhattan, the first book in the series, follows event-planner Paige starting a business with her brother’s best friend (and her secret crush) Jake. What could go wrong???!!!! *winks* Perfect for everyone who loves Sally Thorne, Christina Lauren & Sophie Kinsella!
Find it here

The One by Kaneana May

Saskia: Confession: I don’t love reality TV. It’s not an elitest thing, I promise, it’s just…not for me. BUT, I’m also the kind of girl who will read literally anything (yes, there is someone who reads the long intros to online recipes, she is me), which is how I found myself entangled with the gem that is The One. Three strong women searching for love, a dating show and many swoons later, I am hooked. If you’re craving the warm fuzzies, The One is well, the one for you!
(I was never going to pass up that opportunity, I am truly sorry.)
Find it here


Listening To

80s Popped! playlist on Spotify

Eloise: Ok, so while this is a Spotify-specific recommendation you can find 80s playlists on any platform… and I thoroughly recommend it! Whether you’re WFH, using the long weekend to do some spring cleaning or trying to entertain restless kids, there’s nothing like blasting a bit of Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper and Dolly Parton to lift your spirits!
Listen on Spotify (or any other music platform) 

Ambient Rain Sounds

Saskia: There is nothing more soothing to me than ambient sounds – rain in particular, and this is my favourite thing to snuggle into while I’m reading or working. Fancy feeling like you’re in a cosy cafe while you sip your tea on the couch at home? No problems, there’s an app for that. Or want a thunderstorm rumbling softly in the background while you sort out your spreadsheets? Can do! My personal favourites are rain sounds, and there are a tonne of different websites or apps you can use. I like which has sliders so you can adjust any of the sounds to your particular listening pleasure, or the Tide app, which you can set sleep/focus timers for. Very soothing!
Listen on or any ambient sound app!


Now, off to celebrate the long weekend!



By Saskia Largent and Eloise Plant

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