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What We’re Watching, Reading & Listening To This Week


What We’re Watching, Reading & Listening To This Week

As more and more of us practice social distancing, cancelling our plans and staying inside to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we here at Romance thought we’d start a new weekly article from three of our writers round-up what they’re reading, watching and listening to each week to stay happy, active and feeling great!

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What We’re Watching

Frozen 2


Saskia: While I desperately wait for the live action Mulan to come out, I’ve found myself in a Disney spiral. Most things are re-watches, but I finally got around to Frozen 2 and I’m not ashamed to say that I loved every moment of it. I definitely don’t think the songs were as great as the first film (although Into The Unknown is a BANGER) but it was really comforting to be back in that magical world of sisterly love. Ana and Elsa are sibling goals and I really appreciate how far the film went to make them both just as powerful in their own way. Frozen 2 (and literally everything else Disney) is the balm my soul needs right now.

Where to watch: Disney Plus

My Big Fat Greek Wedding



Eloise: When you’re feeling a bit sad and generally down there’s nothing that quite lifts the spirit than a great rom-com! This week my Netflix streaming has been entirely romantic comedy focused, and their collection is excellent! I particularly recommend My Big Fat Greek Wedding for a wholesome, clever, funny depiction of a woman caught between culture and love. Also shout-out to the BEST rom-com hero Ian who really shows that someone will go to any length to be with the person they love.

Where to watch: Netflix
P.S Netflix Party is a great way to enjoy watching rom-coms alongside your friends and family! Check them out here

Tiger King



Sarana: This show is actually insane, but I just can’t stop it going to the next episode. As my colleague pointed out – “Halloween costumes sorted!!” It doesn’t take long to get completely sucked into Joe Exotic’s world of tigers and honestly I’m trying to come up with something to compare it to and all I can think of is Jerry Springer meets Siegfried and Roy meets Swamp People. It’s a love story of sorts. There are missing teeth, missing underwear, a missing husband, a murder plot, tassels, mullets, and lots and lots of sparkly large cat print that even my leopard print loving mother would find overwhelming and that’s just the first episode.
P.S – If you want an extra treat. Just have a listen to his country music songs.

Where to watch: This gem can only be found on Netflix

What We’re Reading

The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr

Saskia: All I can say is thank goodness for Robyn Carr and her sweet, hopeful stories. After a tragedy, we get to see resilient Hannah move to a picturesque guesthouse in stunning rural Colorado to reorient her life. Cue a cute little boy, a sweet pup named Romeo, a swoon worthy hero and a tight-knit community – what else could I want to lift the spirits!

Find it here

The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff

Eloise: This week I’m escaping the world… by travelling into the past! My historical fiction book of choice is The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff. This book is an enthralling, detailed romance set in Poland during WW2. It’s a little bit dark, but it’s thoroughly gripping and will definitely tug on your heartstrings, so it’s a great book to cosy up with for an evening and just get lost between the pages…

Find it here

Home to Turtle Bay by Marion Lennox

Sarana: The book I’m reading is Home to Turtle Bay by Marion Lennox. Hot shot city doctor ends up going to her late and completely unknown grandfather’s home on a small country town somewhere off the coast of Australia. Her life is thrown completely upside-down when she is stuck on the island. But the longer she stays, the more it grows on her. Having been a city girl all my life, the book is appealing to me on multiple levels. I secretly love the thought of being away from the hustle and bustle one day in a small country town or on an island far away. This is a really easy read and reminds me a little of Hart of Dixie. As one reader stated “A story to touch your heart and make you smile” I think we all need stories like that right now.

Find it here

What We’re Listening To

Ologies Podcast

Saskia: I was listening to Triple J this morning and possibly the smartest man on Earth, Dr Karl, said “this is the time to be learning” – and because I believe absolutely every word that comes out of Dr Karl’s mouth, here I am listening to the Ologies podcast – a comedic science podcast that discusses a different ‘study’ each week. Ever wanted to know what someone who studies poop does? Did you know there are people who study laughter? Are you super keen to know if trees have feelings? No matter what it is, there seems to be a study for it, so here I am, knowledging up my brain while it’s still whole and not a complete self-isolation soup.

Listen on: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Love etc.

Eloise: Here at we LOVE all things love… so of course I’m obsessed with this podcast from the Shameless podcast girls Zara MacDonald & Michelle Andrews (alongside the Bumble dating app) talking about all things love, relationships and dating. It’s a little funny, a little sad, endlessly relatable, and a great podcast to listen to to feel a little less alone right now.

Listen on: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Sydney Opera House performances

Sarana: I’ve been reliving/listening/watching the fantastic concerts, talks and performances the Sydney Opera House has hosted over the years. Last night I streamed Missy Higgins at the forecourt, coming up soon is the All About Women talk by Chanel Miller and Saturday night is the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. There is something for everyone. Suddenly what you were previously too busy to go to, is at your fingertips. Connect your Bluetooth speakers and enjoy.

Listen on: The Sydney Opera House Youtube channel


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