What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?


What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?

by Kate

A chilled-out play list.

As we struggle through a third day of 40+ temperatures (that’s 104+ for our American friends), our thoughts turn to one thing only – staying cool. To that end, here’s our ideal playlist for surviving a heatwave, with ear drums intact.

First, an establishing song, just to set the scene:

Established? Excellent. Let’s get to it:

An obvious choice, and a good way to start off our playlist. Vanilla Ice’s one-hit-wonder brings the cold (if not the cool), and a generation of boys cringe at their teenage high-top haircuts.

This kind of weather may be the only time when you want a lover to be as cold as ice. No judgement; we’re just saying that cuddling up to Edward Cullen at the moment might not be such a bad thing, even if we were totally Team Jacob.

“You’re like ice” – sing it, Kelly. (but maybe keep the volume down on this one. It’s not totally SFW)

Sarah McLachlan must be singing to someone very special, ’cause we’re not sure anyone’s love is better than ice cream. But that might just be us.

Tori Amos gets a little warm in her heart when she thinks of winter. Us too, Tori. Us too.

Our heroes all come with ice cream – just sayin’

The Bangles sing as if a hazy shade of winter is a bad thing. Ladies, we respectfully disagree.


Apparently this cinematography of the video for Madonna’s Frozen was inspired by The English Patient, but that movie took place in a desert, so we’re trying very hard not to think about it.

Finally, from our new favourite Disney movie (self-saving princess!), a song with howling winds, ice castles, and snowy mountains – the cold wouldn’t bother us right now, either.

Stay cool!

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