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Who Will End Up With Who? Predictions For Farmer Wants A Wife


Who Will End Up With Who? Predictions For Farmer Wants A Wife

We’re two weeks into Farmer Wants A Wife, and so it’s time to predict how it’s all going to end. We asked our brilliant author-recappers, Rachael Johns, Eva Scott, Penelope Janu & Nicola Marsh to give us their top picks for which couples we shall see at the end of this season. 


Farmer Alex

Eva Scott: This is a tough call. At this point, I think his relationship with Henrietta is on shaky ground and I’m not sure he’ll be able to regain her trust. I think that he may very well end up with Jess (if she can be convinced to stay the distance). Or we may even see a left field love and Brittany may take centre stage if the front runners decided it’s all too hard.

Nicola Marsh: Jess, she seems well suited to him, they have so much in common.

Penelope Janu: Never-been-in-love-before Alex is not lacking in confidence in dating but… notwithstanding the steamy bath scene with Henrietta, I think fun loving Jess, who he chose for his first date, could be his final choice.

Rachael Johns: Alex is a tough one. My gut says he and Jess could be super happy together, but which head will make the decision for him? Saying that I have a feeling Henrietta might decide to walk away as neither she nor Jess seem willing to share and I feel like she’ll crack first. I can barely remember the names of his other ladies, but who knows, maybe one of them will be a surprise.

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Farmer Nick

Eva Scott: Initially I thought Liz was the girl for Farmer Nick but I think her insistence he commit to having children up front might drive him right into the uncomplicated arms of Emma. They have real chemistry and I think she’d fit into his vineyard lifestyle nicely.

Nicola Marsh: Emma, her vivacity brings out his more playful side.

Penelope Janu: Who would Nick most want to live with in his beautiful vineyard in Tasmania? I tip Emma as the only woman who might still want to be there for a final walk amongst the grapes (and there could be a lot of comfort for her there in a pandemic, with barrels of wine always available.

Rachael Johns: Nick will pick Naomi, although he’s not had much one on one time with her (that we’ve seen) yet, she’s down to earth and seems to want to get to know him better. Liz is far too needy and if she really wants kids, she’ll go find a man who is more invested than Nick appears to be in having a family. Emma is lovely, but I just don’t see them together.

Farmer Sam

Eva Scott: I think Sophie is the one for Sam. Not only did she click with his mother, she returns his affection which is something Emily seems to struggle with. I think Sophie will take the lead and prove herself to be loyal and consistent in upcoming episodes.

Nicola Marsh: Emily, though Riley could be a dark horse here too.

Penelope Janu: Will Sam choose Riley because of her nice personality – even though she’s not blonde? Personally, I wouldn’t mind having Sam’s mum around because she’s such a good cook, and she may well dote on her daughter in law as well as her son. I like the idea of Riley reminding Sam (for the rest of his days) that one shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, so I’m going with Riley.

Rachael Johns: Sam will end up with Riley! I’m going out on a limb here – he’s had dates with Sophie and Emily and seems to like them both and we’ve seen next to know intersection between him and Riley but I think Emily is holding back and don’t think Sophie is going to put up with his interfering mother.

Farmer Neil

Eva Scott: I am totally barracking for Karissa. She’s warm, earthy and they have a spark between them that’s undeniable. She’s also from the country so she knows exactly what she’s getting herself into.

Nicola Marsh: Megan, I like Megan’s introspection, she’ll ground him and give him peace.

Penelope Janu: I think Neil would like to keep all three girls, but as we’re in Australia not Utah and polygamy is illegal, he can’t! He had a lot of fun with Justine at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (who wouldn’t?) and I think this connection will continue to grow so I tip her to be the one at the altar.

Rachael Johns: Neil will choose Carissa; personally my fave is Megan but he seems to really have fun with Carissa. There’s no friend-zoning there like there was with Chantelle, yet he and Megan seem more like mates. Justine gives me the impression she’d be hard work and demanding and I think Neil needs a woman as down to earth and easy-going as him.

Farmer Harry

Eva Scott: Stacy all the way for me. She’s from a farming family and she knows how this works. She’s warm, uncomplicated and I can see her on Harry’s arm easily. She’s not going to give him trouble and she strikes me as the loyal type. Of course, I could be wrong.

Nicola Marsh: Stacey, she seems a frontrunner but I actually think Karlana is a dark horse for his love!

Penelope Janu: Kind, sweet Harry. My money is on Stacey the musterer. She has a lovely smile and a can-do attitude. Harry seems to be smitten and she’d be a great help on the farm.

Rachael Johns: Harry, Harry, Harry – now he’s the kind of guy I write romance novels about. He’s gorgeous, warm and such a gentleman. I won’t be an easy decision for him, but if Stacy hangs around, I reckon she’ll be the last woman standing! Saying that, I’d love to see him give Karlana more of a chance – I reckon she’s the real deal.

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