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Who will pick who? We predict the final matches from Farmer Wants A Wife!


Who will pick who? We predict the final matches from Farmer Wants A Wife!

Ahead of the Farmer Wants A Wife finale we asked our recapping rural romance authors to give us their educated guesses about who each farmer will pick in the end!

Stella Quinn

Read Stella’s recap

  • For Farmer Will – Kristina.
  • For Farmer Matt, Stella predicted Hayley for the win after E1, but SHOCK EXIT and now I don’t know!! Alex? Maybe?
  • Farmer Rob. Oh boy. Stella thinks in Farmer Rob’s case, lightning’s not going to strike twice and he will pick no-one.
  • Farmer Sam Stella picked Mackenzie for the win in E1, and she’s standing by that prediction for the finale.
  • And Farmer Andrew? Stella thought he was bedazzled and no amount of common sense was going to undazzle him … until Monday night’s episode. Now, Stella’s picking Ash for the win.

Eva Scott

Read Eva’s recap

What a season it’s been! It felt different to last years, more rushed and, dare I say, staged. It was certainly full of surprises like Farmer Rob sending all his girls home in favour of a second lot. I did not know you could do that. I’m still getting my head around it.

As for my predictions as to who will end up with the bridal tiara at the end (or at least a green light to progress the relationship – let’s not get carried away here), I reckon things will play out as follows:

  • Farmer Andrew should, in my opinion, pick Ash if he knows what’s good for him. I know that makes it sound as if I’m going to around to his farm and have a word but my meaning is much less aggressive than that. I think she’s a great fit for him and it’s about time he realised that too.
  • Farmer Will has the kind of connection with Christina that ought to see them through to the end (of the show at least).
  • My choice for Farmer Matt is Brydie although I think that, in reality, this probably won’t happen. Like the old bloke at the pub said in a previous episode, if he ends up with her he’ll be punching above his weight. He’ll probably end up with Haylee and be as happy as a clam.
  • Farmer Sam has been a bit of a conundrum for many reasons. I’m always left with the feeling that we haven’t got the full story on this bloke. Right now, I think Mackensie will take his heart.
  • Do not be surprised if Farmer Rob ends up riding off into the sunset by himself. He’s a bloke whose great love was a lightning bolt deal and the slow burn is not his style. With no instant connection in sight (and rumored frustration behind the scenes) I am braced for him to remain resolutely single.

Bring on the grand finale! Cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

Penelope Janu

Read Penelope’s recap

  • Andrew – Jess (even though it should be Ash)
  • Will – Jaimee
  • Rob – Vici
  • Matt – Tara
  • Sam – McKenzie

Nicola Marsh

Read Nicola’s recap

  • Matt will choose Tara
  • Andrew will choose Jess
  • Will will choose Jaimee
  • Sam will choose Mackenzie
  • Rob will choose Vici

Rachael Johns

Read Rachael’s recap

  • Matt will choose Alex
  • Andrew will choose Ash
  • Will will choose Kristina
  • Sam will choose Mackenzie (he may as well send Allanah home now)
  • Rob won’t choose anyone

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