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Why we love cowboy romances


Why we love cowboy romances

Cowboy romances – whether of the American small-town or the Australian rural romance variety – are a trend that is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. There just seems to be an endless supply of cowboys, ranchers, rodeo riders and jackaroos all waiting to waltz into our hearts! So why do we love them so? What is the enduring appeal of cowboy romances?

Is it the cowboy himself?

His strong, callused hands, rough from days of hard work? The sweet guy-next-door, “aw shucks” personality that draws us in?

Is it the setting?

Small towns, whether in Australian or overseas set novels, somehow feel more natural, like a character themselves. They have more inherent personality and history than a cityscape and give us the sense that we could one day walk into such a town (and perhaps run into our very own cowboy!).

Is it tough on the outside, cinnamon roll on the inside men in tight denim? (See above ????)

Cowboy romances can often delve into the personal demons of those recalcitrant heroes, their strong-but-silent personalities hiding deep pain; or the small-town community issues like drought and employment.

Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough! Check out some of our favourite cowboy romances below!

Tougher in Texas (Texas Rodeo) by [Dell, Kari Lynn]  Talk Of The Town by [Johns, Rachael] Wild Card (North Ridge Book 1) by [Halle, Karina] Smooth-Talking Cowboy (A Gold Valley Novel) by [Yates, Maisey] Whispers At Wongan Creek by [Kees, Juanita]

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