Winter is coming – and so are our June titles!


Winter is coming – and so are our June titles!

First day of winter – perfect for curling up with some heart (and other body part) warming stories!

I’m so excited to share our June titles. We have so much diversity and creativity this month – truly something for everyone!

9780857990532Jennie JonesThe House on Burra Burra LaneA dilapidated house, a city girl looking for a tree change, and a rugged vet with a past. Just another day in rural Australia…

I loved the characters of Sam and Ethan, but I really loved the depiction of small town life in this story – the gossips, the always in each other’s business, the long memories, the deep secrets, and the strength of community. And I loved the 300-pound pig that acts as a catalyst for the romance!


9780857990525Tara ChevresttPlotting to WinReality TV has made stars of dancers, bachelors and singers. Now authors get a turn.

I was drawn into the premise of this story from the very get-go: a reality TV all about writers, featuring all genres and all kinds of antics? Yes, please! The story doesn’t disappoint, with back-stabbing, evil editors, and an opposites-attract show-mance that might just make winners of two contestants. You might also be interested to know that this story features a multi-cultural romance.


9780857990549Cate Ellink The Virginity Mission – An erotic new adult romance about old insecurities, new beginnings, and the things you can get up to in a tent…

Say what you will about the label, the time of life explored in new adult is one of new freedom and expansive change, and can be very emotionally exciting.  I loved Mac – she expected her university experience to be a bit more like the movies, and here she is, six weeks from graduation, and not quite the heroine of her own sex romp like she imagined. But a science trip suddenly offers up whole new avenues of discovery…


9780857990518Serenity WoodsOne Hot Winter’s Night Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in a hot, desperate treasure hunt that spans the globe and captures the imagination.

Fancy getting down in an ice hotel? It’s all about clashes and passion in Serenity Woods’s new title – sure, Cat and Heath are rivals, but you can tell they really respect each other, even as they devise more and more complicated and devious ways to out-do one another. It becomes pretty obvious, pretty fast that the thrill of the chase may, in fact, have nothing to do with the artefacts after all…


9780857990556Alexis Fleming Hidden FireAn Australian-set paranormal drawing on the Aboriginal Dreamtime in a hot, suspenseful series debut.

I was thrilled to receive this very hot, very original series debut – a romance drawing on Aboriginal myth set in outback Australia. Gili needs the Dreamtime Opal to save her parents; Morgan needs to save the Dreamtime Opal from treasure hunters like Gili’s boss. Unstoppable force meets immovable object when Gili and Morgan clash outside an old Opal mine, and realise the Dreamtime Opal has plans of its own.