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Christmas Earworms: A Moment of Peace


Christmas Earworms: A Moment of Peace

by Elizabeth Dunk

One of my favourite moments of Christmas is when you’re in bed on Christmas Eve. Everything’s ready to go and there’s nothing to do but sleep and anticipate the day to come.

For me, Christmas has always been a wonderful time (even during the sad ones, such as last year’s – my first without my mother). I’m lucky – I always get to spend Christmas with people I love and there’s none of the awkwardness or fighting that I know make some people hate this time of the year.

So that moment of lying in bed on Christmas Eve, looking forward to the day to come – a day when the rest of the world can wash away and its just me and the ones I love celebrating life, love and laughter – that is a moment of complete peace.

There’s one carol that replicates that moment of peace of me – Silent Night. I adore the song. It’s like a moment when you stop and take a deep breath and let it out slowly and your entire body relaxes and in that moment, everything is okay. That is Silent Night for me.

And here’s a moment of that beautiful peace for you – Pentatonix singing Silent Night. I think they do a amazing job of showing the quite beauty of this song.


30774He thought it was all a game…until he grew accustomed to her face.

Henri Higgins is bored by everything – his life, his work, even the models he regularly sees socially (and privately). So when a close friend suggests a high-stakes, friendly competition, a ‘fame’ game, Ree leaps at the opportunity for a little shake-up in his daily routine. The rules are simple: the competitors are to take the first person that they meet at a certain time and make them as famous as possible within two weeks.

But Ree doesn’t expect Elizabeta.

Elizabeta Flores del Fuego has a plan. An office manager by day, she moonlights at a number of creative Canberra businesses by night to learn all she can about the fashion industry and put her in the best place possible to help launch her beloved daughter, Angelina’s design career. Cleaning the office of Higgins Publishing is just one of those jobs, but when Henri Higgins offers her a week’s worth of work and a paycheque large enough to get Angelina Designs on its feet, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.

But Elizabeta doesn’t expect Ree, and neither expect the lessons in love they’re both about to learn.

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