Constructing from Criticism


Constructing from Criticism

by Kate

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a lovely holiday season, got some rest, some relaxation, and some reading!

Today, I want to talk about criticism of the constructive kind.  We’re asking for it. At the moment, you can hold on to that Christmas feeling just a little longer, and get a free copy of the fabulous Rhian Cahill‘s Christmas Wishes just for telling us what you think: click here.

If the survey doesn’t give you the opportunity to talk about what you want, you can always email me and let me know by going here.

So tell us what you think. Honestly. Completely. Frankly. The easiest way for us to improve is to know what you want.

And we pledge to listen! Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  1. You told us that you didn’t like the amount of preview material in the back of our books.
    Our bad! We’re so excited about launching and our up-coming titles that we overdid it. We’ve now removed the excess material, and pledge to keep it to three pages at the most, with blurbs only, about similar or related stories only.
  2. You told us that you wanted page counts so you knew what you were getting for the price you were paying.
    You got it. We’re still working with e-tailers and our own systems to see if page counts or word counts are more effective, and to get page numbers included in the description, but on every book on our website and on most major e-tailers a page count is now included. We’ve also added ‘novella’ to the title of our shorter stories, so you know that these are quick reads.
  3. You told us that you found type-os in some of our titles.
    Oops! Thanks for letting us know. We can change them in the e-books, even after publication, so just point them out. We’ve also brought on a dedicated proofreader who will be going through our titles pre-publication to catch any errors.

Something else you want us to know? Just use any of the links above. We’re committed to making Escape the best reading experience possible, so we can’t wait to hear from you!

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